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How do you make syrup modern and exciting for families?

Help Teisseire to rejuvenate syrup by inventing a totally new and exciting experience at home for families!

Visuals and answers to questions (2 pages max). To help you better understand what we’re looking for in this contest, see the evolution between the product sketch and the end product. We’re asking for a visualization of your concept, you don’t even have to go in the details of the label design.  

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anacvetkovic87 #1賞
anacvetkovic87 7,040 クリエイティブスコア
  • グラフィックデザイン
  • ラベル・パッケージデザイン

1,500€での#1 賞

Thank you so much for the first prize. This truly was an exciting project.

Thank you anacvetkovic87 for this amazing idea. Our team loved how you thought about practicality and visual effect at the same time, creating a product that would appeal to kids and even adults. Syrup would never be considered dull anymore with your idea !
We also appreciated the effort that you put into it with great visuals and illustrations.

Thanks again for your hard work and we hope to see your work again in another contest ;)

shar #2賞
shar 118,530 クリエイティブスコア
  • グラフィックデザイン
  • イラストレーション
  • 著作
  • ラベル・パッケージデザイン
  • 写真

600€での#2 賞

Hi eYeka! I enjoyed working on this project and I am so happy to be one of the winners! Eyeka is the best way to express yourself. 
Thank you for this opportunity!

Thank you Shar so much for this beautiful idea. You kept the syrup liquid format as it is but you completely changed the ritual making it easier to take away and to drink anywhere at any time.

We loved your illustrations and how you imagined the different steps of the new ritual. Other straw concepts were also part of the Eyeka community but we thought that yours would be the most feasible and at the same time the most attractive for consumers.

Thanks again for your hard work and we hope to hear from you again in another contest :)

Pimentel #3賞
Pimentel 3,020 クリエイティブスコア
  • グラフィックデザイン
  • イラストレーション
  • 著作
  • ラベル・パッケージデザイン

400€での#3 賞

This award motivates me to move forward, to improve my ideas and designs.
All the contestants do excellent work, thanks to Teisseire

Thank you Pimentel for your amazing idea. Our team was looking for a new syrup ritual and we thought that your idea could help syrup's consumption to be more out of home, easier to take away while still keeping the core product as it is.

Your idea is simple to use, to put in a bag and also quite fun for kids! This is why we happily picked your entry for this contest.

Thanks again for your hard work and we hope to hear from you again in another contest :)







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