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Make breakfast the enjoyable moment no one wants to skip, thanks to Danao

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Do you know the drink Danao? It is a very unique French brand that was launched 10 years ago. It is the only drink that is a blend of fruit juice and milk. It is sold in the fresh fruit juice aisle in supermarkets and is loved by kids and their parents. Mostly consumed at breakfast, Danao offers a wide range of flavors:

  • A blend of milk and two fruits: peach and apricot being the best seller,
  • “My cereal breakfast” range: fruits, cereals and milk, like Cereal-Banana- Strawberry.
  • “My favorite fruit” range: a single fruit and milk such as Delicious Pineapple

People like Danao because its unique taste is very smooth. It is associated with optimism, pleasure and a good mood.

The problem Danao is facing today is that breakfast is increasingly a moment that people do not enjoy. For most people in France, mornings at home are full of stress and breakfast has become boring, dull and annoying. Consumers do not find the right food options, they do not know what to have to make breakfast a great moment. So they tend to skip breakfast, although they know they should take the time to enjoy a relaxing moment before leaving home.

What Danao wants to do is very simple: be the ambassador for breakfast and bring back enjoyment and pleasure to this moment. Danao wants to make breakfast a moment that people would not want to skip, an essential milestone to start the day well.

Either enjoyed individually or with your family, breakfast should always be associated with pleasure, joy, optimism and happiness. And Danao is here to help!

Can you help bring back the joy to French families?


Wow us with your ideas of a new Danao range that will totally change the way people approach breakfast. Your task is to make morning exciting again by developing the pack or the product itself, or both.

We would like you to create new concepts for the pack or the product (or both) that will create a strong connection between Danao and the consumer by making breakfast a joy again.

Think about the situation: you are a dad and your 8 year-old does not want to get out of bed… What could you offer him as a breakfast drink to make him want to join you for a joyful breakfast? Or, I am eating my breakfast alone while my parents are somewhere else in the house. I want something to entertain me during this moment.

What kind of interaction with the pack could you imagine in order to create bonding moment in the family? What experience could Danao provide to this family to create togetherness between them?

What kind of interaction can the brand create with the consumer when he is having breakfast by himself?

Have in mind the exclusions and mandatory items for your concept:

  • Your product should still be a beverage, sold in the fruit juice aisle;
  • Your product must be made of milk and fruit juice. No yogurt or ice-cream products will be considered;
  • Breakfast can be individual or shared with the family;
  • Your concept should be healthy, not too much fat, not too sugary;
  • No glass bottles;
  • Your concept can include digital elements, but it cannot be a digital idea only.

Your entry should be made up of visuals and explanations of your concept. Also, please give a name to your concept.

Please answer the following questions in your entry:

  1. Whom are you designing your concept for?
  2. What need or frustration does your concept address?
  3. What are the steps of consuming your product? What happens with this new Danao product that makes this experience a moment of pleasure and joy?
  4. What are the benefits? How do people feel when they drink it?



Example of a good entry: a concept where the fruit juice consists of colored bubbles that float in the drink. When the consumer pours the drink into a glass it is very nice to look at it. Then with a straw the kid can pop the bubbles and the fruit juice is freed into the milk. It dissolves and is ready to drink. A very pleasurable experience.  

Example of a bad idea: it would be a normal Danao bottle with a QR code to flash that takes the kid to a website where he can play… not new and it is not bringing back the joy to breakfast!


  • #1 1,500€
  • #2 600€
  • #3 400€


Presentations with visuals and text (4 pages max.)


It is important that you understand the unmet need well. The best ideas will be those that manage to make breakfast a pleasurable moment that no kid wants to skip anymore. Staying true to the brand’s values will also help you win.



  • Entries should be in English or French.
  • Please have in mind Danao’s brand values: sharing, optimism, gentleness & the brand personality: unique, original & a good mood - gentleness, practicality & pleasure.
  • Avoid the no-goes and stick to the mandatory items or your entry might be rejected.
  • Please use the Danao logo and template that you can download from the toolkit.
  • エントリーは必ず 英語とフランス語.でしてください。
  • 選択されたエントリは、インターネット上で使用されます。権限とライセンスは、インターネット放送と互換性がある必要があり、保護要素(音楽、写真などを含む)を使用します。あなたはいつでもこれらの権限とライセンスの書かれた証拠を提供することができなければなりません。


  • 参加エントリーに個人情報(名前、連絡先、メールアドレス等)を開示しない
  • 受賞者として選ばれた場合作品の高品質を保つ
  • コンテストにおいてあなたの作品の自作権は守られます
  • メディアに貢献している著者と配役それぞれから書面による承諾を得なければなりません。
  • 自分のものでない作品(音楽、写真、デザインその他)がある場合は、メディア詳細のなかに、使用する音楽や画像が自分の創作であるかどうか記入し、自分に使用権を許可する許可証のリンクをつけてください。
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  • コンテストルールに従っていないと見做される作品はコンテストに参加できません