Bic 4Colours’ coolness コンテスト終了

Make BIC 4Colours the essential accessory of young cool people!

開始 2016年11月18日(金) 終了 2016年11月27日(日) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC 審査 結果 2017年01月
2016年11月27日(日) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


Despite popular assumptions that claim that young people do not write anymore because of the rise of digital, writing instruments (pens) is a market that keeps growing.

BIC is a French brand that was created in 1945. In 1970 Bic launched the BIC 4Colours, which was the first and original multicolor ball pen. With its unique barrel shape, its white top and the sound of its 4 pushers, this pen is quite unique and loved by teens, students and adults. Do you know why? Well the list of its characteristics and benefits is endless. It's convenient: it packs 4 pens in one. It is structuring: it helps organizing notes with color codes. It saves time: in one click, you change colors. It is a quality product: produced in France, does not leak, writes up to 8km and lasts for up to 50, 000 activations of the pushers. It is also playful and releases stress: people play with the pushers with their fingers. It is very stylish and can fit any personality: there are many different designs, one for each mood or person. Bic has created many version of its iconic product, one with shiny and feminine colors, one with a special grip, one with a special decoration, etc.

Finally, 4Colours provides great value for money (It costs around 2 Euros)

BIC 4Colours is a real French success story, where it is seen as an iconic product. Being an icon also means being seen by some people as a bit too traditional and an object that has not changed for ages.

BIC would like to show European teens and students how cool and fun 4Colours is! Can you help rejuvenate the brand image?


In an engaging poster, bring to life that the BIC 4Colours is the cool accessory of young people in any situation in life.

We would like to see stories that tell the coolness of BIC 4Colours: How cool is it? Why? What is the role of the pen in young people’s life? How does it act to help or save a situation? What kind of cool, fun or surprising emotions does it provide? What makes it modern and essential to any young guy or girl?

To inspire you, you can read this list of characteristics that we believe make the BIC 4Colours pretty cool. You can find your own or take one of these as the basis for your work:

  • It is the only writing instrument you need to face your school year;
  • It lowers stress. You can click the pushers when you get nervous;
  • You can annoy your classmate/your teacher with the sound of the pushers;
  • You can dismantle the barrel to write with the 4Colours at the same time, or even dismantle the cartridges to write with 2 colors at a time, or 3, or even change the ink cartridge to personalize your 4Colours;
  • You can chew the upper bowl and hold it in your teeth;
  • It is convenient to send a message to a friend in class: you slip a little piece of paper in the blue part and screw it up;
  • People always try to push 2 pistons at the same time, or even all of them to see if it breaks- it never does;
  • It is the most stolen ball pen: when you have one, beware, everybody will want to steal it from you;
  • You can express your style/your personality/your mood with the variety of barrels available;
  • The barrel is large enough that you can also customize it, with permanent marker, nail polish, tape, etc.;
  • It can be handy in any situation in life: it is the perfect tool to tie up your hair

And BIC is pretty sure that you may have many examples of how it saved teens or students’ lives in some situations!

Make sure the situation you show is not potentially harmful health wise. For instance, a pen-tattoo is not acceptable as ink is not good for skin.

Please create a poster, with a tagline, on the provided template.

Please also tell us details about your creative idea:

  1. Please explain the story behind your poster.
  2. Why you think your creative idea will appeal to teens and students?
  3. What makes it new and original?

It is important that you stay true to the brand essence. BIC 4Colours is convenient, fun and a modern accessory that frees up everyone’s creativity.





This campaign was released some time ago. The creative idea was to “personify” the 4 colors in real characters with personalities. Blue has a “big head” because he is the most used color, Green is lazy because he is not very often used. Red likes to mark mistakes, Black always goes second after blue, etc.

Following this creative concept, you can watch this TVC.

A bad entry for this contest would be a pretty fashionista that owns a shiny 4Colours as a fashion accessory. It does not tell a story and it is not modern.


  • #1 1,500€
  • #2 600€
  • #3 400€


Poster with tagline and explanations.


To be among the winners, make sure that your poster is very true to the brand essence. It should communicate BIC 4Colours’ convenience, fun, creativity and that it is a cool accessory. It should be a creative idea that is ownable only by BIC 4Colours and that is truly modern.



  • Entries should be in English or French
  • Please use the template provided in the template
  • Please read the BIC no go areas carefully:
    • No personal attacks or bullying, no inappropriate vocabulary & offensive content.
    • Avoid anything related to: handicaps & disease/disability, religion & beliefs, race, ethnicity & national origin, gender & family status, nationalism & politics, violence and nudity.
  • Please do not enhance inappropriate uses of the product.
  • エントリーは必ず 英語とフランス語.でしてください。
  • 選択されたエントリは、インターネット上で使用されます。権限とライセンスは、インターネット放送と互換性がある必要があり、保護要素(音楽、写真などを含む)を使用します。あなたはいつでもこれらの権限とライセンスの書かれた証拠を提供することができなければなりません。


  • 参加エントリーに個人情報(名前、連絡先、メールアドレス等)を開示しない
  • 受賞者として選ばれた場合作品の高品質を保つ
  • コンテストにおいてあなたの作品の自作権は守られます
  • メディアに貢献している著者と配役それぞれから書面による承諾を得なければなりません。
  • 自分のものでない作品(音楽、写真、デザインその他)がある場合は、メディア詳細のなかに、使用する音楽や画像が自分の創作であるかどうか記入し、自分に使用権を許可する許可証のリンクをつけてください。
  • コンテストルールに従ってeYekaとそのクライアントが作品を使用することを許可するものを書面にて提出して下さい
  • コンテストルールに従っていないと見做される作品はコンテストに参加できません