Invent the next big thing for “natural hair” 1日残っています

Invent a new hair care solution (shampoo +) enabling women to embrace ‘natural beauty’ through a simple hair care routine at home.

イラストレーション - 著作

Going natural is the top trend in hair care. Naturalness is manifested in multiple aspects, from the product formula women appreciate, the look they desire, to the results they expect.

The trend of going natural has been fueled by recent consumer beliefs. Some ingredients in hair care products are not considered safe in the long run (e.g. silicon & sulfate). The latest trend is also to look beautiful naturally and there is a tendency to use less styling products. Consumers now want their hair care system to repair and restore the natural strength of both scalp and hair and not just give temporary cosmetic effects. 

Our client is a leading Chinese brand that plans to launch new hair care products to respond to the “going natural” trend. Help us to develop the perfect hair care solution to these women!