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Tell us how fresh images from the sky could improve customers’ day-to-day experience and make their lives simpler, faster, and smarter!

In a captivating story, tell us how fresh images from the sky could improve customers’ day-to-day experience and make their lives simpler, faster, and smarter!

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eYeka Eyeka

Dear participants, we wanted to thank you a lot for all your precious ideas. We were really impressed by the number of eYeka's community members from all around the world taking advantage of their creativity to create new applications, online platforms and games for users that could be you and me. What we are convinced about is that photos from the sky truly inspired you. For the winners, congratulations for your both innovative and detailed propositions, the final choice was difficult for us!



ma-create #1賞
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1,500€での#1 賞

We decided to give you the first place because this idea was completely new compared to what we had seen before. It's turning traveling into a giant game where you have to discover the whole world. We also tested your idea with different people and this "digital scratch map" truly inspired them. Congratulations for both your idea and your first place!

contestsprizes2017 #2賞
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600€での#2 賞

Congratulations for winning the second place of this challenge! In fact, a lot of your ideas are interesting but the one that truly inspired us is the possibility for people making donations to follow-up the result of their humanitarian engagement. It would have been good to detail it a little bit more but anyway, we really liked the idea and people to whom we presented it were also really enthusiastic about this.

Acel #3賞
Acel 237,690 クリエイティブスコア
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400€での#3 賞

Congratulations Acel, you won the 3rd place with your "real-life" Scotland Yard idea. What we liked about your idea is the possibility to turn a table game into a potential giant challenge in the streets of your city, potentially engaging a large number of participants. We also wanted to thank you for providing other high quality ideas during the challenge.





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