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Create the next generation of Domestos Toilet Blocks

Design the next generation Domestos Toilet Block, with an eye-catching design so that shoppers are attracted to buy it.

A 2 page presentation including texts and visuals of the next Domestos Toilet Blocks (sketches, illustrations, pictures). The ideal entry should really stand out in store, be innovative and show the efficiency of the actual product. The visuals in the presentation have to show exactly how the product will look like on shelf and in the toilet. Anything which already exists now in the category (or did in the past) cannot be accepted as a winning idea.


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Domestos Unilever

Thanks to you all for your inspirational ideas! I think between you the full range of design possibilities, features and benefits was explored. The designs provided the inspiration we needed for our workshop and helped a cross functional team to shape the next steps for our blocks business.

Thank you for engaging so wholeheartedly in our challeng, we were overwhelmed with the volume and quality of responses.

The Domestos Team



jeanbaptistepetricoul #1賞
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2,000€での#1 賞

We loved the idea of a simple toilet block. In comparison to what's out there now this is a huge difference. The discreet element of the design is also really interesting to us as people use the blocks to clean their toilet between flushes but not everyone wants the block to be as visible as they are currently.

akshaykoranne #2賞
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1,000€での#2 賞

This was the very first of participation for eyeka. Really want to thank
Eyeka for this design opportunity. The competition has allowed me to think
and observe in all together different dimension.
With this i felt we can really churn out great ideas. I liked the feedback
circle where we designers can see the other global work and learn.
Thanks and regards.

The idea of a more aesthetically pleasing cageless design inspired the team a great deal. There are lots of technical reasons why cageless hasn't worked for us in the past (blocks dissolve at different rates and fall off leaving an ugly design) but this encouraged us to think one more time about finding a way to overcome these problems as the cageless design can look very attractive and has less packaging.

mancey #3賞
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500€での#3 賞

The added feature of glow in the dark is fun. We don't see this as core to the long term proposition but it will definitely be explored as a limited edition. We like the fact that this can be built in to the current product.





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