KitKat E-Commerce コンテスト終了
eÿeka エクスプレス

Help us create the next KITKAT online experience

イラストレーション - 著作

As we all know, KITKAT is all about making breaks better. KITKAT has made breaks even better through the premium KITKAT Chocolatory store experience. The KITKAT Chocolatory offers a premium chocolate experience. It’s a coming together of passionate creatives and foodies to create amazing products, music and art experiences through the KITKAT products and packaging in-store. All the KITKAT’s in the Chocolatory are specially handcrafted by the amazing chocolatiers. KITKAT Chocolatory is the place for ultimate indulgence! We want your creative talents to help expand the physical KITKAT Chocolatory store into an enjoyable online destination (website) that allows you to have an immersive experience that is full of surprises! 

Create a premium interactive experience to expand the physical KITKAT Chocolatory store to an online space and entice KITKAT lovers to purchase from the website