Smart Pain Therapy コンテスト終了

Introduce a revolutionary drug-free pain relief wearable device powered by technology

イラストレーション - 著作

Quell, launched recently in the US, is a revolutionary 100% drug-free wearable device that provides pain relief anytime, day or night. It is designed to be worn on-the-go, at home, even while sleeping.

Our sponsor, Voltaren, the world’s best-selling non-prescription topical pain reliever, is launching Quell in Europe. It wants your help to create a launch campaign that is as positively disruptive as this revolutionary wearable device! Can you help?

In an impactful poster with a tagline, create intense desire amongst chronic pain sufferers for the Voltaren Smart Therapy, the new drug-free pain relief wearable device, powered by technology.

Format: Poster with a tagline + text with answers to the questions, 2 pages PDF.