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Help create an appealing communication concept for Butterfinger, the delicious peanut snack from Ferrero!

Help create an appealing communication concept for Butterfinger, the delicious peanut snack from Ferrero!

As output, we expect: Your concept in English AND in your local language Some visuals to support your concept, e.g. moodboard to express the tone-of-voice and mood you want to convey with your concept The answers to our questions above Your concept (text) consists of: A title, explaining in 1-2 words what your concept is all about Concise product description with key benefit List with relevant reasons to believe Catchy tagline _______Example Title: Spark your joy! Out now! The new Sparkly White plus is an effective no-rinse formula that keeps your teeth white from day to night! Sparkly White plus Has an innovative bicarbonate based formula that coats your teeth with protective thin layer that keeps the whiteness of your smile Is easy to apply with your usual toothbrush Is approved by the National Academy of Dentists Tagline: Sparly White plus: spark your joy with ease!  




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Almost exactly 7 years ago I came 3rd in a Milner cheese competition (mice burrowing into the cheese shop to get hold of it). I think someone said at the time I was the oldest winner , so perhaps at 71 I have raised the bar a bit more! Using this as a projection I feel my next win is timed to come in 7 years time when I am 78.

Thank you for running these interesting briefs. According to my profile I have had 90 briefs accepted (but also many ruled ineligible which are not shown) which is a 2.2% success rate. Why keep going? Well I have been teaching for around 50 years and creativity was alway a key part of any lesson I taught. My particular “gifts” were using animation as a classroom activity and linking maths and science to art eg anamorphic drawings, reflective art, agamographs phenakistoscopes, exploring mechanisms (cams, friction drive, axles). Creativity is still important to me and although my wife tells me I spend too much time on the computer I still like trying different challenges.

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