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Encourage men to change their blades more often

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Whatever the style they go for, shaving is part of every man’s routine. Behind the decision to shave (or not), there are different motivations that include a wide variety of factors, making men’s behaviour towards shaving worth a study :-). Gillette is one of the leading brands that offer grooming products to men across the world. They have run a comprehensive study to better understand the relationship between men and shaving in Europe. The study has identified several areas about which they need your creative input to change men’s behaviour.

In this task, we will focus on how to get men to change their razor blades more often. Unlike consumable goods such as toilet paper and pens, men consider razors to be durable goods. Like batteries or socks with holes, the performance of a razor goes down gradually over time. Men therefore feel the life of a blade can be drawn out over a longer period in order to get the most out of it. But this is only partly true as by leaving it too long they can start to cut themselves or irritate their skin. On the flip side, some men delay changing blades as they feel the first few shaves with a new blade are less comfortable.

There are several reasons that prevent men from changing their razor blades. Even though some men will try and make a mental note, they often forget to do it, and end up using the blade for too long. Gillette want to make sure men adopt the right habits and stop postponing changing their blades. We believe creativity can help to change their habits so that they change their blades more often. Can you help?

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