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Make electric cars charging stations less boring!

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In our fast-changing world, our ways of consumption keep changing. That is what has happened with the car industry! More and more people are turning to use electric cars for different reasons: ecological impact, long-term cost-effectiveness, long-time lasting for instance.

Owning an electric vehicle goes along with charging stations. Indeed, charging the car is an unavoidable step to be able to use it, and that can usually take from 30min to 1 hour. Yet, only few have given a thought on what people can actually do while charging their electric vehicle.

Our sponsor is a company that deals with e-cars charging stations in Italy. They found out that most e-cars are owned by people possessing a charger in their car box. They can also charge them on highways or in a shopping mall parking, but only if they strictly need it. However, as more and more people and owning and using e-cars, everyone won’t be able to get their own parking with charger nor get to city centers where it will get more and more crowded. E-cars owners will have to turn to more ‘off-the-way’ places.

That is why, our focus will be on e-charging stations in Italy that are in urban and suburban public areas, in places where there are no other appealing services available. For our client, we need your help to find ideas of add-on services and activities for people charging their cars to use. Can you help?

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