Potential of potatoes コンテスト終了
eÿeka エクスプレス

Unlock the potential of potato: Imagine new potato products or ways of using potatoes!

イラストレーション - 著作

Fries, wedges, gratins, specialties, potato flakes, potato granules, potato powder – there are a lot of different products and meal/food ingredients that involve potato. Some of these are sold in supermarkets, but many are also sold in pubs / restaurants and locations involving food catering (e.g. canteens in offices and hospitals).

The company setting out this challenge is a global player in the field of potatoes, offering a wide range of products made from potato, and selling it to various customers, that fall into three key groups:

 The people who are eating the product – they are either finding the product in the supermarket and buying it for preparation/consumption in home or eating potato products in restaurants/food catering (end-consumer).

Companies buying the potato products and/or using the potato product as an ingredient for their end applications/products (business 2 business).

The restaurant & catering chefs who are preparing these products for their customers (food service).

 The company setting out this challenge wants to extend their current product portfolio (range of products) and come up with new and innovative ideas for potatoes that will be relevant for a wide range of people across the globe. Can you help?

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