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Create a name for a new product that parents will understand

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Disposable baby wipes are an essential item for many parents around the world, providing an extremely convenient solution when they need to change their baby’s diaper, especially when they are out of the home. Most disposable wipes are made from cotton and plastic (e.g. polypropylene) and are wet - indeed, parents often refer to them as “wet wipes” – because they contain water as well as other additives.

Whilst disposable wet wipes are convenient, they are not always preferred by parents. Many are turning to cotton-based solutions alongside water and/ or ointments to clean their baby’s skin. There are many reasons for choosing cotton wool over wet wipes, to name a few…

1. parents believe it’s better for their baby skin because gentler- and soft at touch
2. it’s natural and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients or chemicals
3. it’s better for the environment
4. it comes recommended by medical professionals

A new product, coming to stores in Europe soon, proposes a new solution for parents: disposable dry baby wipes. They offer the convenience of wet wipes with none of the additives you would expect to find in wet wipes. Our client will be launching a new dry wipe product that is a soft fabric, made with plant-based fibres and cotton, and does not contain any artificial liquid.

Examples of similar products in other markets include Honest in the United States:

And Cotton Tissues on Amazon:

Although these are similar products, Honest go by the category name ‘dry wipes’ and both products are made of cotton, whereas our client’s new product is also made of soft plant-based fibres. 


Our client, a brand for babies and parents, needs your creativity skills to come up with an alternative name for ‘dry wipes’, so they can introduce this new product to European stores.

They would like you to find a better description of the product than “dry wipes” and to break the association with “wet wipes” so that their product is seen as something new, different and distant from the negative associations with using wet wipes (primarily the use of additives). They intend to use this name to describe their product when they launch it in Europe in 2022 so it must be something that is simple and easy for parents to understand without additional explanation.

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