Empowering people with Morshynska water コンテスト終了

Create a unique and inspirational creative idea for Morshynska, a popular bottled water brand in Ukraine, that shows empowerment in everyday situations.

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Although for some drinking water may seem like nothing special, there is so much more to that!

Morshynska is the undisputable leader of bottled water in Ukraine. The natural mineral water comes from Carpathian region with balanced composition and optimal for daily intake. Natural mineral water Morshynska comes from ecologically clean part of the Carpathian region. Carpathians are a very special place in Ukraine. It is filled with the natural strength of thousand-year-old trees, kinetic energy of groundwater, streams and waterfalls, and an enduring strength of mountains. For many Ukrainians, the Carpathians became a place of power, where you can escape to relieve tension from ongoing troubles and recharge with natural energy. It is also called “the lungs of Ukraine” (because of the amount of fresh air produced) and is the most ecological region in Ukraine.

Morshynska takes its name and produces water from Morshyn, which is a small, picturesque town in Carpathian region.

The water itself is light in minerals and crispy in taste. It is a spring water - one of the most valuable natural waters. It makes its way to the surface on her own and hits natural springs in the resort area, therefore, human intervention in the extraction of water is minimal, no well drilling and pressure.

The trip from collection box to a bottle lasts only seven (7!) minutes passing through a series of mechanical filters to clear the water of sand and small stones. Morshynska water has a balanced composition and low mineralization. It quickly enters body cells and is easily absorbed. All these benefits make it perfectly suitable for daily intake and provide body hydration and renovation.

Morshynska is therefore unique and better than other bottled water brands on the market and priced just slightly higher vs the market average.

To keep standing out from competitors, it is important for Morshiynska to bring across the following message: “Morshynska brings you the power of Carpathians so that you succeed in your daily challenges’’.

Morshynska wants to celebrate and empower what they call ‘everyday heroes’– which is all about recognising that since the COVID 19 pandemic started even easy, regular, day-to-day activities in life can be more of a challenge, and so regular people tackling these are ‘everyday heroes’! Morshynska wants to give these everyday heroes the power of Carpathians so that they look & feel great, are efficiently hydrated so that their daily challenges can be overcome.

To get a better idea of what the brand looks and feels like, please check out their website and social media pages. Current advertisements and commercials can also be found on these pages.

To summarize: Morshynska wants to catch people’s attention during a post COVID reality when even the easy regular things in life can turn into challenges. They want to give them the power of Carpathians so that they can feel good and look great, are efficiently hydrated and their daily challenges can be overcome. Can you help them?

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