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開始 2011年02月25日(金) 終了 2011年03月14日(月) 22時59分00秒 +0000 UTC 審査 結果 2011年05月
2011年03月14日(月) 22時59分00秒 +0000 UTC

Be it in life, work or love, everyday has its share of opportunities, no matter how small. You want to be always ready to seize them whenever they happen. So we have created a new type of drink. It is a delicious water-based drink that completely restores you body, mind and mood. You can drink it anytime during the day. It deeply hydrates your body and gives it nutrition because of its proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals, while its stimulating fruit flavours and aroma awakens your mind and uplifts your mood. With our new drink, you will always be ready to seize everyday opportunities whenever they happen.

What should be the brand name of our new drink and why? You can propose any kind of brand name, descriptive or completely made-up, the choice is yours.

Send us your proposed brand name in jpg format.

Additional information about our new drink:

- It is available in Apple, Orange-lime and Guava flavours.

- It is available in 500mL bottle for 30 Rupees.

- It is not an energy drink. It is a non-carbonated, no alcohol, no caffeine drink.

Note: This contest is strictly open to participants who are based in India only.

Who are we talking to?
- 18-35 yrs, ABC1 (professionals, students…) living in Mumbai or Delhi.


CEO’s Pick: 5 x USD 500

What’s the medium?
Proposed brand name in JPG format. Simply type in your proposed brand name and the reason why you choose it, and save it as JPG file.

Contest Duration:

Start Date : 28th February 2011
End Date : 14th March 2011 – 11:59 PM (GMT+1)

Entry Specification

    • Required format: *.jpeg; *.jpg


    • At least 72dpi

Do’s & Don’ts

- No restrictions on the number of submissions per participant

- Entries must be original and exclusive to the participant, true and verifiable

- Ensure all elements used in your entry are rights-free. It is your duty to ensure that all elements you use do not infringe any copyrights. Please include the following statement on your media description bloc once you have uploaded your work: “All elements used in part or in whole have rights cleared for usage in the Name a Drink Call for Entries”

- eYeka Asia has the right to reject entries containing obscene, racist, unethical, dangerous, violent or legally objectionable material, or material that may infringe upon any person’s personal or property rights. Such entries will be immediately disqualified and not allowed on the Call for Entries.

- Entries that do not meet the above listed criterion will be disqualified. For any further questions, please send an email to:


  • #1 $500 (401€)
  • #2 $500 (401€)
  • #3 $500 (401€)
  • #4 $500 (401€)
  • #5 $500 (401€)