Minute Maid PULPY コンテスト終了

Show us how Minute Maid PULPY revives, resets you in a bold and unexpected way!

開始 2012年02月23日(木) 終了 2012年03月29日(木) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC 審査 結果 遅延
2012年03月29日(木) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


Minute Maid PULPY is a naturally refeshing fruit drink with real pulps. The vibrant big and small pulps are from real fruits and are filled with fresh juice. When they are bursting in your mouth, the drink delivers a burst of zest.

Sometimes, during your day, you might feel a little flat. A burst of zest from Minute Maid PULPY will make your mouth, body and mind feel instantly fresh… like new. It will bring you back and put a spring back in your step. You are ready to start afresh with the knowledge of the past and ready to give your best in everything that you do.


Surprise us with a video or animation that shows how Minute Maid PULPY resets you, in a bold and unexpected way.

You should dramatize the experience of Minute Maid PULPY resetting you with a burst of zest from the vibrant, big and small pulps. It’s a magical moment. To articulate it, you might want to think about what sensational experience the pulps bring you and how it resets you to fresh.

Don't hesitate to be over dramatic. You can create a moment that is absolutely imaginary. Make our jaws drop, surprising us with fresh and extraordinary ideas.

You might find inspiration from movies, TV dramas or cartoons, or from a real life situations that occurred to you or your friends. Think about how you would feel about drinking and chewing the vibrant pulps to get that “burst of zest”. E.g. you can imagine how the outburst of freshness, the sweet juice from real pulps clears away that sometimes flat feeling, like water burst from a fire hose. Or you can create an imaginary scenario, where pulps are personified with some quirky, funny characters that evolves into a massive juice carnival in your mouth. You get reset as soon as the pulps hit the sweet spot in your mouth and burst into juice, transporting you back to that refreshed mode.


  • #1 15,000€
  • #2 9,000€
  • #3 6,000€


30 - 60 seconds videos and animations


We are looking for out-of-the-box, unexpected ideas. Make us laugh and surprise us with the quirky fun.

Your work has the chance to be used as the next Minute Maid PULPY TV ad or featured on Minute Maid PULPY Facebook fan page and other social media channels to entertain people.

  • Language: English or other languages with English subtitles
  • Winners will need to provide us with a copy of their entries in high definition quality.
  • When you’re telling your story, please bear in mind that pulps are the trigger of what is happening; whatever happens, it should be thanks to the vibrant, big and small pulps in Minute Maid PULPY's juice.
  • Keep the tone and manner as fun, quirky, vibrant, with a little bit humor.
  • Please use the visual reference of the Minute Maid logo and the product image, download from here
  • If you feature a bottle in your work and cannot find the product in store, you will need to draw/find a dummy bottle, which is similar in shape and without label/logo. If you win, we will need you to replace it with an actual Minute Maid PULPY bottle, which will be provided to you.