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Tell a story about how a young child makes a mother proud!

There are some mothers who prefer their kids to grow up at their own pace rather than pushing them too much. They want things “just right” for their kids, no more and no less. Of course, as mothers, they also want to feel amazed and moved by their kids' achievement. They want to feel proud of their kids, especially in front of other mums.

Use your creative flair to tell us a compelling and engaging story about how a young child makes his mother proud, in front of other mothers.

Format: storyboards (need to have graphic, not a text document); videos and animations between 30 – 60 seconds.

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Hello everyone, my name is Alex and I am 26 years old. I started getting interested in graphics and video in 2007. But I've only known Eyeka and its call for entries for a few months now. I was immediately arrested by the quality of the briefs and the diversity of projects. I am very happy to have won the first prize of SGM3, for which I was inspired by a true story … This is important for my career, and I hope it will continue … Thanks to Vicky for her help, thank you to those who followed our projects, and if you would like to take a part to work on projects, here is my website: I think working on Eyeka contests' briefs is  a great way to demonstrate our creativity. A big thank you to all of the Eyeka team for the support given, and I wish all the best to all the creative people out there

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The brief concept is quite interesting and it challenged me as a creator. I really enjoyed working on my entry because I had the freedom to express my idea. The idea itself got onto me unexpectedly when I was taking a stroll at a park near my house.

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I'm very happy! This is my third contest on eYeka and I won! I am really happy. eYeka has given me a big chance to keep on creating and sharping my brain to be even more creative. eYeka is a fun place to pour out my creativity. Hopefully eYeka will keep on being the best media for creators who thirst for fresh ideas. And also, the prizes are a hugeeee motivation as well.

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