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ケーススタディ:Reinventing instant coffee, café style




Réinventez le café instantané pour apporter chez vous le plaisir tant apprécié des comptoirs et terrasses de café !

Le café instantané a beaucoup évolué au cours des dernières années. Ce qui fut de la simple poudre en vrac en boîte, se produit maintenant en sachets individuels multipliant les saveurs de café comme le 'latte' ou le 'cappuccino'. 

Beaucoup d'entre nous ressentent encore le besoin de boire un café dans un bistrot, regardez le bistrot près de chez vous par exemple ! Le café servi dans un bar a meilleure allure, c'est un autre goût, il est aussi de bonne qualité, avec un arôme propre, une mousse délicieuse et il peut être préparé de différentes façons selon notre envie.

Ne serait-il pas merveilleux de disposer de tous ces atouts à la maison ? De pouvoir apprécier un café instantané chez soi à tout moment, comme si vous étiez dans un café ?

Réinventez le café instantané pour apporter chez vous le plaisir tant apprécié des comptoirs et terrasses de café !

Formats : photos, illustrations, dessins, storyboards, ou tout support visuel qui vous permettra d'exprimer votre idée.

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“Our partnership with eYeka will enable new thinking and a fresh approach taking our
existing consumers, and using their ideas and their voice, to shape our brands for the future.’’




kleww #1賞
kleww 20 クリエイティブスコア
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7,500€での#1 賞

Some months ago one of my friends told me about eYeka. I’ve never participated in the contests before, but she said it was about being very creative for well-known brands and as a freelance graphic-designer I liked the idea. I’m an instant coffee-drinker so this topic inspired me, as I’m too lazy to prepare a real home-made coffee or to go to a café. I’ve got inspired by Nutella products – small sticks and chocolates, I think their packaging as always fun. Anyway, thank you so much eYeka!

Morsy #2賞
Morsy 0 クリエイティブスコア
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5,000€での#2 賞

I knew eYeka through an email I received and I generally participated in contests for the money and possibility of making professional connections. I took part in this contest simply because I was inspired by the brief. Normally I create my media by using Illustrator and brain… Thinking, I mean. I usually work alone and I get inspiration from luxury stuffs, everyday life, and urban lifestyle.

Phixel #3賞
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2,500€での#3 賞

I have known about eYeka through a friend. I like to participate in eYeka’s contests because of challenges. Sometimes some creative briefs are very hard to answer to… and this is the very exciting part i like ! The Nescafé contest was especially fun. Making a packaging or an idea for one of the most greatest brand in the world is just awesome! I usually use Illustrator and photoshop to create medias. this is the last part of the process. the first one is to makes researches (a lot of researches!!!) to be sure to understand the subject you want to work on. Inspiration is…well… a very large field to play in! everything inspires me in general. for this contest, for example, i went through reading scientific articles on the internet about coffee !!! I often worked in a team when i was an agency’s Art Director. Now that i’m a freelancer, most of the time, i work alone. THANK YOU VERY MUCH EYEKA! YOU ROCK!!



Well done, guys! You have successfully helped Nescafé re-invented instant coffee with a new product idea. We received a lot of nice entries where they show really unique ideas we’ve never seen before. Creativity at its’ best!