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Inspire young adults to realize their personal best and make things happen in their lives.

Life is what you make of it. It’s not about who you are. It’s about who you become.

Mizone, a drink from Danone represents this belief. It is a drink for young adults (18-25 years) who want to be at their best to realize their full potential. Those who believe that “life is not about who you are, it’s about who you become.”

Your challenge is to create an activity that engages young adults and propels them to be at their personal best and make things happen in their lives. Your ideas can take the form of engaging games, events, activities either online or offline.

Format: Print, storyboards, illustrations, photographs, sketches with explanations.

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lilius #1賞
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I feel warm inside, knowing that my creativity is bringing me abundance. I am with eYeka from May 2012, found it simply through Google.

I was always amazed by people whose creations gift other people with opportunities and an incredible way to express themselves. So, I want to gratefully thank the founders – those who created this place heartfully for true empowerment and expansion in every way.

Where else can you spend an hour to create an idea and win such a great prize?

Looking forward to new inspiring contests. See ya' soon

remake1990 #3賞
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A friend told me there was a video contest and showed me eYeka. I checked it and out and signed up :) . It's a very cool website that gathers different creators in different segments. I like sharing my thoughts, especially those about filmmaking, or script writing ideas I really like it, and this is the reason why I participated in contests. I like ideas for TV scripts, events, stuffs like that, so this contest was about one of my favorite themes :) . I got really excited when I received a message in my email saying “your entry is a winner”, so I directly rushed to open it :) ^^ . I formed my ideas on paper. After that I shaped it using PowerPoint and converted it to PDF for better visual and aesthetic content. I don't really know where I got my inspiration from. I just took the first ideas that came to my head, work on it and try to develop it. That's all. Lastly, everything was done by myself