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Create New Hugo Boss Fragrance Packaging to Appeal to 2 Different Men…

開始 2012年09月04日(火) 終了 2012年09月18日(火) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC 審査 結果 2012年11月
2012年09月18日(火) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


Hugo Boss is a global and established premium brand with a sophisticated, sharp elegance at it’s core. For almost 20 years Hugo Boss has launched fragrances, with the most successful line under the BOSS brand named BOTTLED fragrances, which are all rooted in the perfect preparation for success. The overall design of BOSS fashion, accessories and fragrances is sharp, clean with an attention to detail.

The BOTTLED line which consists of 3 fragrances: BOTTLED Day, BOTTLED Night and BOTTLED Sport is complete. As such, the brand is looking to establish a NEW fragrance line for BOSS with a new fragrance packaging targeting two new consumers:

1. Achievement

This is the mature and sophisticated male. One who is assertive and has achieved “it all.” One who is a little older, and a connoisseur of the finer things in life. Achievement and accomplishment are what are important to him, rather than preparation.

2. Attraction

This is for the younger 30-year old male, who is provoking in a daring way. He is an elegant and and a desirable seducer.


Your challenge is to help BOSS appeal to the mature sophisticated achievement oriented male and the younger stylish seducer male by designing new fragrance packaging for each of them.

The new bottle and packaging should be different in shape, color, material and look as compared to the BOTTLED line, but should still have some unmistakable BOTTLED design elements.

On the bottle, you are free to use the logo either in a vertical or horizontal way.

For the packaging, you may use the BOSS logo in the way that best suits your design – either as just BOSS or BOSS HUGO BOSS.

The ideas should not be crazy and radical, but should be evolutionary and recognizable as a BOSS fragrance. Think about engaging and creative ways of creating packaging designs for the achievement and attraction males.

Each design should include the bottle with logo, the box and a selling line that could appear on an ad.

TIPS: As you develop your ideas, attention to detail is very important. Think about the color, how does it change for each audience. Pay attention to the embossing of the logo and how shiny the packaging is, how does it look for each audience. What about the on the cover of the packaging? How does it evolve for each audience?


  • #1 2,250€から4,500€
  • #2 1,000€から2,000€
  • #3 500€から1,000€

* 審査員賞はブランドの知的所有権によります。知的所有権がない場合は賞金の半額が授与されます。知的所有権がある場合は全額授与さえます。




We are looking for two packaging designs for the attraction and achievement males. Your designs must include a fragrance bottle, outer packaging and slogan or selling line that describes the inspiration of your idea.

Your new design, while different, must still be recognizable due to common elements with BOSS BOTTLED. We have provided you with the current BOSS packaging. As you are thinking about the design, keep in mind that the BOSS design is sophisticated, modern with sleek elegance and pure form, with absence of decorative detail and emphasis on clean lines.

Please use colors that work together in harmony. BOSS is best portrayed in tones that work together to create a balanced composition. Colors that have been used in the past are black, silver, grey, blue, beige, but you are free to add build on these colors or introduce new color tones. Be imaginative, have fun and surprise us!

Your work will directly influence the development of the new look for the next fragrance from BOSS


Specific guidelines for this Contest

  • Please download the current BOSS BOTTLED flacon and packaging here as inspiration for your new designs. For your bottle design, please keep in mind that you are free to use the logo either vertically or horizontally.
  • Please download BOSS logo for packaging usage here.
  • Your entry must include two entries. A new fragrance bottle design, outer packaging design and selling line or slogan. One for the achievement male and the second for the attraction male. 
  • For more readability, please put all your different media into one single document or file, such as .PDF or PPT presentation.
  • BOSS is a premium fragrance and attention to detail is important. Please do not submit ideas that make it look cheap.
  • Your entry must be in English, or in any other language if it is English subtitled.

eYeka standard guidelines 

  • Your media has to be your own creation to be considered into the contest.
  • You must have obtained written permission from each of the authors who have contributed to the media.
  • If you have used elements (music, photographs, designs, etc.) that are not yours, please state in your media description whether or not the music and/or image(s) you used is/are your own creation and provide links to the license granting you the rights of using it.
  • eYeka will ask you to provide written proofs or a copy of all written documents confirming such authorizations enabling eYeka and its clients to use the media pursuant to the terms of the Rules of the contest.
  • Media that does not comply with these rules will not be considered for the contest. 
  • Keep a high-quality version of your creation to be used if you are selected as a winner.
  • Do not show any personal details in the entry (name, contact number, e-mail address etc.)