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Create New Hugo Boss Fragrance Packaging to Appeal to 2 Different Men…

Hugo Boss, an established premium fashion brand is looking to develop a new fragrance bottle and packaging design for the next new fragrance under the BOSS brand.

BOSS represents success, confidence and professionalism. The Boss fragrances represent the very essence of men – men that radiate self-confidence yet not afraid to show their sensual side.

Help BOSS appeal to the mature sophisticated achievement oriented male and the younger stylish seducer male by designing new fragrance packaging for each of them.

Format: Print.

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astahov #1賞
astahov 113,230 クリエイティブスコア
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#1 Pack_Boss_Astでの4,500€の賞

In the beginning I was rather disappointed when I couldn't see the entries of other creators. Then I thought that it is fair enough, as the client spent money on the project. If you want to see the entries you should participate in some contests without prizes etc. This was my first participation and I made some mistakes at the beginning, I want to thank eYeka team for patience and sympathy. I think I will participate more and I have some colleagues who got interested in the project.

lovebrand #2賞
lovebrand 10 クリエイティブスコア
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#2 PPT_HUGOBOSS_fragrancesでの2,000€の賞

I'm new on eYeka and this contest was my first experience and it brought results! I like that the status of the contests is really international. You gathered a huge number of talented people from all over the world. Thank you eYeka and Hugo Boss for the opportunity! Good luck to every one!

Andrey_Kokorin #3賞
Andrey_Kokorin 0 クリエイティブスコア
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#3 Yuor leadmeet the wishesでの1,000€の賞

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