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Make buying or selling a property easier, faster and more engaging!

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2012年10月18日(木) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


Imagine, you have a friend, John, who just got married and is looking to buy an apartment. He went to his neighborhood real estate agency but got really confused about the process and the cost (and the agent did not inspire confidence in him). Maybe you know someone like Tara who is looking to sell her old student apartment. She plans to advertise it herself online to save money but she is worried about the effort needed to deal with all the enquiries by herself. Maybe you have another friend like Gary, who is looking to buy a house on several property portals and he is overwhelmed by the choices! He feels he is spending too much time looking at houses as opposed to finding the right one for him.

NEXITY wants to change that and make it easier for people like John, Tara and Gary to sell or buy a property. NEXITY is a leading real estate agency that wants to revolutionize how we buy or sell houses or apartments. They are the only real estate network that also builds apartments and homes, allowing them to offer both new and used apartments and homes. They are focused on their customers and they put the needs of property buyers and sellers ahead of anything else. NEXITY agents serve with the goal of simplifying the process, making lives easier so that when buyers and sellers trust the real estate agents from NEXITY with their property transaction, they can really see the extra-value they are getting, with innovative services and products.


Invent a new product or service that shows how NEXITY puts customers first, making the experience of buying or selling a house or apartment, easier, faster and more engaging than doing it yourself or going to traditional agencies.

Your idea could take place in a real estate agency office, something that real estate agents do or have, or could be done entirely online, through applications, smartphones, on social networks... Include a tagline or slogan on how you would introduce your new NEXITY idea to property buyers and sellers.

Tips from eYeka: Do a bit of research. Look at what real estate agencies and online portals are doing in your country. Spot a good idea and make it even better for NEXITY. You can also start by imagining that you are buying a house or apartment. That's the biggest financial decision of your life and it will create a lot of stress. What are you worried about? List your concerns and find innovative solutions to address them. Repeat by imagining that you are now selling a house or apartment.


  • #1 1,500€から3,000€
  • #2 750€から1,500€
  • #3 250€から500€

* 審査員賞はブランドの知的所有権によります。知的所有権がない場合は賞金の半額が授与されます。知的所有権がある場合は全額授与さえます。


PowerPoint presentations, pictures, illustrations, sketches with explanations.


We are looking for innovative products or service ideas that will allow real estate agency NEXITY to be the most innovative and competitive way to buy or sell a house or apartment. Focus on ideas that are feasible now, not in the distant future!


Specific guidelines for this contest

  • Think of ideas that are technically possible today (and not too complicated to implement). 
  • Please remember that this is not a Print ad contest. We are looking for a concept that you will introduce to us through a powerpoint presentation, illustrated and pedagogically explained.  Be as descriptive as possible, we are waiting for insights and ideas. 
  • Please download NEXITY logo here
  • Your entry must be in English or French, or in any other language if it is English subtitled.

eYeka standard guidelines

  • Do not show any personal details in the entry (name, contact number, e-mail address etc.) 
  • Keep a high-quality version of your creation to be used if you are selected as a winner. 
  • Your media has to be your own creation to be considered into the contest. 
  • You must have obtained written permission from each of the authors who have contributed to the media. 
  • If you have used elements (music, photographs, designs, etc.) that are not yours, please state in your media description whether or not the music and/or image(s) you used is/are your own creation and provide links to the license granting you the rights of using it. 
  • eYeka will ask you to provide written proofs or a copy of all written documents confirming such authorizations enabling eYeka and its clients to use the media pursuant to the terms of the Rules of the contest. 
  • Media that does not comply with these rules will not be considered for the contest.