Gatorade コンテスト終了

Show us how athletes can “Win from within” thanks to Gatorade!

開始 2013年01月10日(木) 終了 2013年02月24日(日) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC 審査 結果 2013年05月
2013年02月24日(日) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


Ever wanted to uncover Usain Bolt’s secret? Of course the fastest man in the world has physical aptitudes that are highly superior to the common man. But this champion also has a secret that accompanies his journey to winning. It’s Gatorade! Gatorade is the brand that has always helped athletes improve their performance.

The new G-series is a line of Gatorade products that helped Usain Bolt and others through the journey of winning.

There is a drink designed for each step of the process:

  • Gatorade Prime is for “Before” : chews and pouch to kick off.
  • Gatorade Perform is the “During”: drinks that hydrate to support performance.
  • Gatorade Recover is the “After”: drinks and shakes rich in proteins to help muscles recover. 

The Gatorade products help athletes win from within because sport is driven from the inside out.


Through an engaging, surprising and original video, show us how Gatorade’s motto : “Win from within” can fit into the daily routine of anyone who does sports and wants to succeed.

Thinking of a person who does sports and who wants to get better in his sports skills, we would like you to share your personal vision of “Win from within”.

TIPS: You can draw inspiration from every kind of sports and how people practice to improve themselves in the sport they like. Think about what kind of goals you have that you want to achieve? For example: a man drinks a pouch of Gatorade for breakfast. Then he gets dresses, warms up and leaves his house. He starts running hyper fast, to catch a bus that is very far away from him. He finally grabs the bus. Then you see the same guy running against competitors a 100 meter race. He wins. The way he catches the bus every morning is a part of his sports routine.


  • #1 3,500€から7,000€
  • #2 1,500€から3,000€
  • #3 800€から1,600€

* 審査員賞はブランドの知的所有権によります。知的所有権がない場合は賞金の半額が授与されます。知的所有権がある場合は全額授与さえます。


Videos or animation of max. 30 sec.


This contest is an initiative from Gatorade Brazil.

We are looking for original and suprising videos. Quality of execution matters as the videos will be used on the internet to promote G-Series of Gatorade, in Brazil.



  • Check this video for inspiration about the motto “Win from within”.
  • Your entry has to be related to sports. Any kind of interpretation of “Win from within” is fine as long as it is connected to the sports practice. 
  • You do not have to show Gatorade products on your entry; but if you want to, you are free to do so (in this case you can purchase any Gatorade product) 
  • At the end of your video, please insert the catch line: “WIN FROM WITHIN” and the logo and the products vignettes that are available here
  • If you choose to show Gatorade products, please do not overpromise the benefits of Gatorade; it supports your will to win but it does not makes you win. 
  • Do not show any kind of violence or extreme pain while practicing sports. 
  • Gatorade is a respected brand. Sports and competition are serious businesses. Do not go into too much fun, quirkiness or youth references. 
  • Your entry must be in English or Portuguese or in any other language if it’s English translated. 


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