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Introduce a unique refreshing frozen beverage to teenage guys

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2013年01月09日(水) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


On those hot days when you feel drained you just want something that makes you feel alive again.

A world-leading food & beverage manufacturer is launching an uplifting frozen ice beverage that you can scoop or drink, loaded with eight naturally active supplements (including key minerals, B vitamins and magnesium) and a natural fruity taste giving you a boost of energy to keep your system well tuned. It's the mother nature of all pick me ups! We need to convince teenage guys that this is the best beverage for them.


Through a poster, show teenage guys why the new frozen beverage's natural, refreshing energy makes it the most unique and best choice for them.

Your poster should appeal to teenage guys and show them what is, in your opinion the single most appealing thing about it. Besides the visual in the poster, you should also come up with a name, a logo and a tagline for the new drink.

The new frozen beverage will be available in the ice cabinet of convenience stores.

Tips from eYeka: (we are not giving the answers but just thought starters so please do not make your work look exactly like our examples)

Put yourself in the shoes of a teenage guy: what is his world? His music, his passions, his friends, school, hanging out... Now imagine that it is scorching hot outside and he just walks into a convenience store with his friends. He is looking for something refreshing... what could you say on a poster that will convince him to reach out to the ice cabinet and pick up a new frozen ice beverage that he has never heard of before? Think about the most unique benefit that it offers and makes it appealing to a teenage guy. Don't write an essay or a list of all the things that makes the drink sound great. You are doing a poster not a presentation... People only spend a few seconds looking at a poster and if it does not catch their interest they look elsewhere. The name, logo and the tagline should follow your idea about the poster. Be snappy, impacting, convincing to the point.


  • #1 1,500€から3,000€
  • #2 750€から1,500€
  • #3 250€から500€

* 審査員賞はブランドの知的所有権によります。知的所有権がない場合は賞金の半額が授与されます。知的所有権がある場合は全額授与さえます。


Photo, illustration, print.


We expect impacting posters that really distill the single most unique, appealing and interesting thing about the frozen beverage that will make it a hit with teenage boys. There are many things we could say about it, your poster will help us find the most important one.

Your poster will inspire the creation of a communication campaign to launch this new product.



• Your entry must be in English.

• You need to create a name, logo, a tagline and have a visual in your poster.

• The teenage guys we mentioned here are around 18-22 y/o.

• Please explain your idea in description.

• You can include the image of the bottle in your creation if needed. Download from here.


• Please prepare a single file (PPT/PDF presentation) if you are submitting prints or documents with multiple pages.

• Do not show any personal details in the entry (name, contact number, e-mail address etc.)

• Keep a high-quality version of your creation to be used if you are selected as a winner.

• Your media has to be your own creation to be considered into the contest.

• You must have obtained written permission from each of the authors who have contributed to the media.

• If you have used elements (music, photographs, designs, etc.) that are not yours, please state in your media description whether or not the music and/or image(s) you used is/are your own creation and provide links to the license granting you the rights of using it.

• eYeka will ask you to provide written proofs or a copy of all written documents confirming such authorizations enabling eYeka and its clients to use the media pursuant to the terms of the Rules of the contest.

• Media that does not comply with these rules will not be considered for the contest.