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Dazzle us with your new concept for the ideal cup of coffee!

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Coffee is one of the world’s most consumed beverages. On top of its alluring aroma and taste, a cup of coffee provides a kick-start effect that people enjoy. Hot or cold, short or long, sweet, frothy, milky or straight, a cup of coffee easily provides a warm emotional experience, making it an essential pleasure of daily life for many people.

Everyone seems to know what a good coffee is about yet we believe the ideal cup of coffee has not been invented yet! It is time to bring it to a new level, to make it the next big trend!  

NESCAFÉ® invites you to re-invent black coffee, something original and never-seen-before that will wake up the world and inspire coffee drinkers! Can you help us do this? 


Dazzle us with an original concept for a 100% black coffee product that you could prepare yourself every day, bringing the coffee experience to new levels of enjoyment, personalization and stimulation.

We are looking for your fresh ideas for a new, exciting product that is 100% black coffee that is no milk or sugar already added. When you have this new product, you can prepare it anyway you want with additional ingredients, flavors, sweeteners... resulting in YOUR ideal cup of coffee.

Your original and creative entry will need to address two areas:

  • The new product: packaging, product form, preparation method
  • The new experience: what the drinker does and feels

Tell us what is new about your 100% black coffee product? Is it the packaging, the format, the type of coffee you suggest? What is the new exciting way to prepare a cup of coffee with your new product? How does the coffee in the cup look like? What does it taste like? How and when would it be consumed? How would you feel having this cup of coffee? What would make it a different, better experience than what you have today?

You are free to imagine that people will mix your new 100% black coffee product with any additional ingredients (except alcohol), prepare it any way they want and drink it as they see fit (hot, cold, frozen...). Whatever it takes to make it feel like the ideal cup of everyday coffee!

Keep in mind though that it must be convenient and hassle-free! So no going back to roasting coffee beans...

Your creations will help NESCAFÉ® to provide fresh, great tasting, inspiring coffee experiences to millions of people all around the world! 

TIPS: We are not giving the answers but just thought starters so please do not make your work look exactly like our examples

To start creating your entry, think about the drawbacks that prevent you from making your ideal cup of coffee in the way you want. Start with the basics: The coffee. Of course at the beginning it has to be black. How could the simple, humble black coffee be reinvented? How does this new product look like? What is inside? When you have your ideal black coffee, what could you do to make it more engaging and enjoyable to prepare? What would you add to it? What are the little rituals to prepare it, and savor it that will create a great experience, unlike the boring coffee routine of today?  You can also think of the emotions around the coffee experience. Where do they come from?  How could you make the coffee moment even richer? Can you make the preparation involving? How can a cup of black coffee be personalized to fit one’s needs? 


  • #1 8,000€
  • #2 5,000€
  • #3 2,000€


Presentations made of pictures, illustrations or sketches, with explanations.


We are looking for original and new concepts for a coffee product, made of 100% pure black coffee that when prepared delivers a whole new coffee experience. The winning entries will be those that move the everyday coffee moment from a routine to a delightful experience. You should address both product and experience to be eligible as a winner. 



  • Do not create a print ad for black coffee. We are looking for concept ideas, detailed and illustrated in a presentation.
  • You are free to add milk, sugar or whatever you want into your cup of coffee but the product delivered at the first place must be 100 % coffee. 
  • Your renewed experience of black coffee must be convenient
  • Any combination of ingredients is fine except only coffee beans and ground coffee beans as such. 
  • You should keep in mind value for money. Which means you should not go into too much luxury proposals.
  • You can download assets from the toolkit.
  • Your entry must be in English.


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