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Make a difference in students’ everyday lives with Post-it®

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In today’s digital age, our communication is almost entirely reliant on digital devices and services. Do you believe that human touch is still important in an increasingly impersonal world? We have very nearly forgotten the human touch that handwriting on paper used to bring us, emotionally and creatively. Fortunately, with Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, we can connect with each other on a human level anytime and anywhere. They can capture our ideas seamlessly, enabling us to focus and organize our thoughts and of course re-use the message again and again. Flags and Page Markers help us create more creative and personal remarks and references quickly, making it a breeze to find and share thoughts and ideas.

Post-it® products (Super Sticky Notes, Flags and Page Markers) can be particularly helpful for college or university students; helping them to be more productive, effectively cope with their studies, enabling them to express their creativity and learn smartly. Post-it® notes also help students to connect with their peers and make them more collaborative team players. Unfortunately, many students haven’t yet recognized these benefits and started using Post-it® products regularly - that’s why we need your creative genius!


Create a fun, original and engaging video showing students how Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and/or Flags and Page Markers can make a difference in their everyday lives by adding a human touch to creativity and communication.

You should base your creation on something special, cheerful, fun or extraordinary that Post-it® products enable students to do, always keeping in mind the human touch.

In your entry you should feature either one or both of the products: Super Sticky Notes (with a wide range of colors) and Flags/Page Markers. You can find more information about the products here.

Click here for more information on Super Sticky Notes.

Click here for more information on Flags.

Click here for more information on Page Markers.


We are giving you an example to help you understand what we expect. Please do not copy this in your media, as it will be rejected.

You could start by putting yourself in the shoes of a college or university student and imagining a moment when a Post-it® note or flag could make a difference in his or her everyday life.

It could be an inspiring and heartwarming entry, like this example:
A mother wrote a ‘thought for the day' for her son every day while he was growing up. Years later, you see that her son has made a book out of the ‘thought for the day’ Post-it® notes he liked best and he keeps it with him to inspire him at college.

It could be something fun and cheerful, such as:
A group of students are competing in a team challenge as part of a school assignment, and they need to come up with a plan to improve the city’s road traffic system. They are busy working on the idea and everyone is stressed. Someone works out an action plan to circulate among the group: by using Flags and Page Markers, he effortlessly helps everyone organize their thoughts and effectively allocates the work. Everyone is impressed and inspired by his plan as well as his smart use of Post-it® products. During the final presentation, they surprise the other competitors with a series of traffic and car signs made from colorful Super Sticky Notes. There could be a big smile on the back of a car, a red heart stuck on a red traffic light or a fun, quirky walking man to replace the usual green light. 


  • #1 5,000€
  • #2 3,000€
  • #3 2,000€


Video or animation of 30 to 60 seconds.


We are looking for original and engaging work with a human touch which will make students feel optimistic, positive and connected with the brand. Students should see the benefit of using Post-it® products regularly and be inspired to use them in their everyday lives. Your video should also engage people and make them want share it with their friends.

The winning entries will be featured in 3M Post-it®’s digital campaigns as social content.



  • Your entry must be in English, or another language with English subtitles.
  • You should end your creation with a Post-it® Note featuring the Post-it® logo and the tagline: “Go Ahead, ___________” (you need to fill in the blank with your idea. For example: “Go Ahead, Inspire Others” or “Go Ahead, Share the Joy”) follow by someone tearing the note off to show the Post-it® Note featuring the Post-it® logo and the tagline: “Go Ahead". You can download the working files of the Post-it Note with logo and tagline here. You can refer to the video we feature on the contest page on how the end frame should look like.
  • Download the 3M logo and hi-res product images from here.
  • Please avoid using the classic yellow notes – if you choose to feature Super Sticky Notes please use a variety of colours.


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