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Never be powerless with Duracell Powermat

開始 2013年07月30日(火) 終了 2013年09月10日(火) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC 審査 結果 2013年11月
2013年09月10日(火) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


Your phone is probably the object that you have with you most often; for many of us, it’s become a life companion. It’s can be a source of inspiration, entertainment and connection whether you are at home, at work, out with friends, on a trip… anywhere at all. But smartphones have a problem, a very recurrent and annoying problem: their poor battery life.

Duracell Powermat wants to enable people to use their phone as much as they want and wherever they are without having to worry about battery life. They have invented a collection of products that offer immediate backup power but also enable you to recharge conveniently, so that you never run out of battery. The portable battery products give you the backup power you need between charges and the wireless charging mats enable you to charge wirelessly by simply placing any Duracell Powermat-enabled device on the Powermat surface – it’s that simple. They also have a growing network of wireless charging spots in public places including selected coffee shops, sports arenas etc.


Produce a very entertaining and original video showing us how Duracell Powermat enables people to take charge of their phone battery, liberating them from battery anxiety and empowering them to do great things.

The story you tell has to be brilliant: positive, humorous, provocative or intensely emotional. In short, it has to be so catchy and enticing that viewers simply have to share it with their friends.

Viewers should want to share this because they feel that finally there is a solution for the problem they know their friends and family will all recognize.

Think of Duracell Powermat as THE solution to battery anxiety. No more missing out on great moments because you don’t have battery. No more playing around with the settings of screen brightness and data roaming. Forget the hassle of looking for a power outlet in a crowded restaurant or an international airport… all of these problems are OVER. You are now able to use your phone as much as you like because you always have a backup: Duracell Powermat. Show us how it feels!

Your video must be of very good quality to be accepted in the contest. The videos are intended for the American market and the best ones will be shown online as part of an entire marketing campaign to raise awareness of Duracell Powermat solutions.

Please end your video with the logo “Duracell Powermat” and tagline: “Take Charge, Be Empowered”.



We’re sure that you’ve experienced that horrible moment when you REALLY need your phone and can’t use it...

Get to know the Duracell Powermat products (backup batteries, charging cases, wireless charging mats and upcoming public charging spots) and imagine how they could transform your life.

Avoid focusing too much on the problem, show us the solution instead.

The brand Duracell Powermat should be portrayed as an enabler and “savior” of situations.

Bear in mind that these products are designed for business travelers who need their phones to work remotely as well as heavy users who use their phones all the time and hence needed to charge 1-3 times a day before Duracell Powermat was released.


  • #1 8,000€
  • #2 4,000€
  • #3 3,000€


Videos or animations no longer than 60 seconds.


We will only accept very good quality videos or animations. We want videos with strong viral potential so a great storylines and impeccable execution is paramount. When watching your video, people should think: “YES, finally there is a solution”. The jury will choose the videos that really make viewers believe in this statement.



  • Visit Duracell’s website to learn more about the products.
  • You can download product shots and product information here.
  • You do not have to feature the product but if you’d like to, that’s fine.
  • Look carefully at the video on the summary contest page to understand the usage of the products.
  • You must use the tagline: “Take Charge, Be Empowered” at the end of your video.
  • Bear in mind these products work with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Please do not show any other phone in your entry.
  • Do not disparage smartphones (e.g saying or showing “phones/their batteries are bad”).
  • Your entry must be in English.
  • Maximum length: 60 seconds.
  • Your video must be good quality. We will reject entries that do not reach a good standard of execution.


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