AIDES Female Condom コンテスト終了

Make people change their mind about female condom.

開始 2013年11月13日(水) 終了 2014年01月08日(水) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC 審査 結果 2014年03月
2014年01月08日(水) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


There are two effective means of protection against AIDS and STDs: male condoms and female condoms (also called femidoms). While the former are well known and widespread, the latter remain unknown to the French public.

They have a number of advantages. The greatest step forward is that they empower women in terms of prevention. A woman decides to use a female condom and does not need to ask her partner to use a male condom. Moreover, the more options people have to protect themselves, the more effective the fight against the disease will be.  Also, the use of feminine condoms can be approached with sensuality (as an object of pleasure). As it is very lubricated, it brings greater comfort during intercourse (very useful in case of vaginal dryness which is a common problem among women). Finally they can be used to change from other prevention devices (switching between male and female condoms).

Female condoms happens to be an attractive alternative. For women who struggle to make their partner wear a masculine condom, it makes them the decision-maker, and this is a big advantage. Some men like feminine condoms as they overcome some of the disadvantages of masculine condoms (as they are larger, they do not compress the penis)

However, female condoms have disadvantages. At first glance, their physical aspect may be a bit repelling or “scare” people. They are difficult to find in pharmacies or stores. They are also quite expensive and take a bit of practice to use. Lastly, they can make noise during intercourse, which can be a deterrent to some people (this issue is easily overcome by using lubricant). With a bit of education and practice these disadvantages can be eliminated.

AIDES is a leading HIV/AIDS organization in France and one of the most important in Europe. What they need right now is to create a lot of buzz about female condoms, to prove to the public that they are great devices to protect women and couples against HIV and other STDs.  


Create an original and sharable video (or animation, if it combines animated elements with reality) that introduces female condoms in a fun or offbeat, unexpected and entertaining way.  The video must show the positive side of female condoms to give people the incentive to try them.

Your video must have the potential to generate a lot of buzz. People would want to share it with their friends and anyone should feel concerned about the topic.

Your video should as much as possible feature immigrants with roots in Sub-Saharan Africa. It must promote the FC2 female condom (produced by the Female Health Company) as it is the only one available in France.

This is your chance to use your talent for a noble cause! The winning video will be launched on March 8th, 2014 for the International Women’s Day.

A jury from AIDES will select the three best videos. Then fans of the AIDES Facebook Page will be asked to vote for their favorite. Finally, AIDES will make the final choice to award the main prize and the following ones to their favorite clip.

The best video will receive widespread coverage (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) and might even end up on French National TV. 


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use these in your submission or it will be rejected.

AIDES  wants to make people change their mind about female condoms. To achieve this, you would probably need to use humor.

For inspiration, you can look at this video (French) or this (in English).

It should not look like this


  • #1 5,000€
  • #2 3,000€
  • #3 2,000€


Videos (no time limit) and animations (animation must include elements from real life)


To be accepted your entry should appeal to people in various age groups.  We want videos with strong potential to go viral so great storylines are paramount.

Please note that the jury values diversity in the type of people portrayed in your video (notably immigrants with roots in Sub-Saharan Africa)

The jury will award the videos that really make people think: female condoms are actually great, why have I not used them before? Now I can’t wait to try!



  • To understand what female condoms are, read the context carefully. It provides all the details.
  • Your video can be humorous or sassy but it should never be vulgar.
  • Anyone should be able to relate to your video, It must appeal to anyone.
  • We are not asking you to make a video about AIDS and prevention. Your clip should really focus on female condoms.
  • You should not discriminate HIV-positive people.
  • You should not be judgmental about sexual habits and preferences.
  • You should not oppose men and women.
  • You should not portray male condoms in a negative way. 
  • Entries are accepted in english or french or any other language as long as it is english or french subtitled. 


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