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Help farmer Bob delight the children with tasty new snacks!

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Farmer Bob has a farm where he grows grains and harvests fruits to make cereal bars and crackers. From his farm he can see the neighboring school. Whenever the children open up their lunch boxes, he’s disappointed to find that their snacks are too boring to eat. If only farmer Bob knew how to use his grains and fruits combined with other nutritious and delicious ingredients to create a new, tastier and more fulfilling snack for children…

Fruits and grains provide nutrition while being tasty, which make them the perfect ingredients to create a snack for children. However, to make a snack healthy yet tasty and fulfilling is another story though... Children at the school dream of having fun and tasty snacks that they could eat as a treat after lunch or as a pick-me-up during recess time. These new snacks need to be healthy too so that parents would want to pack them in their children’s lunchboxes. 


Help farmer Bob create a new, healthy yet tasty and fulfilling snack that children could eat at lunchtime or during recess, starting with the wholesome ingredients from his farm.

You need to start with what farmer Bob produces on his farm: grains and fruits. You can add other ingredients but stay clear of proteins like fresh meat or fish, as farmer Bob doesn't have the machines to process them on his farm. And be reminded that farmer Bob is creating a snack rather than a freshly made dessert or ice-cream for the children, hence the grains and fruits have to be processed and packed in a great packaging before being sold in a shop or supermarket. Be more innovative when it comes to the shape of your snack. It could be in the shape of a traditional muesli bar, but also think beyond the typical bars or crackers. Think of what your snack could look like and why children will find it fun, appealing and tasty, and why parents would find it healthy. It needs to be easy to pack in a lunchbox. That’s why your snack has to be solid (no ice-cream or liquid snacks). And we don’t want children to go hungry so it has to be fulfilling, as they will reach for it as a complement to their meal or as a treat/pick-me-up during recess. But please think both the traditional square and round shapes of muesli bar and crackers and new shapes to bring more fun and excitement.


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

You could start by thinking about how to best utilize the main ingredients on farmer Bob’s farm, grains and fruits to make your snack tasty and appealing to children. E.g. it could be a cereal/muesli cracker with a sugarcoated shell in the shapes and colors of different fruits. It will actually be stuffed with grains and fruit jam with the specific fruit flavor at the core.

Or you can add some flavors/ a twist to the snack by adding other ingredients, like yogurt or chocolate chips/sauce; etc. E.g. it could be a cheese/chocolate cake like muesli bar – with layers of yogurt/chocolate coating and muesli with dry fruits as garnish to make it look like a piece of cheese cake/chocolate cake. It will have a contrasting texture with crunchy muesli, a soft and creamy yogurt and chocolate coating as well as refreshing bits of dry fruits.


  • #1 4,000€
  • #2 2,000€
  • #3 500€


Presentations with pictures or illustrations and text.


Farmer Bob is expecting original, groundbreaking and appealing ideas with comprehensive illustrations so that he can understand what kind of new snack he can create to make the best use of his grains and fruits.

The winning entries will potentially be tested and developed into real products by one of the world’s biggest food companies.



  • Your entry must be in English.
  • Your entry should include
    • Visuals to depict the product and packaging (plus the name).
    • A clear and succinct description of the product concept/idea (you can include your inspiration if you like).
    • Explanation of how you expect children to eat the snack and why you think it answers the brief.


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