Color Transformation コンテスト終了

Tell a touching and original story of how hair coloration transforms a woman’s life!

開始 2013年10月17日(木) 終了 2013年11月28日(木) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC 審査 結果 2014年03月
2013年11月28日(木) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


There are only few ways by which a woman can be deeply transformed. Make-up can do a bit, clothes too, some accessories can add style to a woman… But there is one thing that can deeply transform a woman. It’s hair coloration. It has the true power to give an edge, a style, something more and different to a whole person. 

Women just love to dye their hair… They know it is the most powerful way to change their physical appearance. What could bring a woman to want to dye her hair? Because she wants to be someone else, someone new… Maybe she feels that her hair color does not reflect her personality. She may also want to create an impact for an important occasion of her life.  On top of this, she could want to feel more modern, more glamorous, or simply seduce a man she likes with a new hair color…  

The power of transformation of color is major… can you rise to the challenge and tell a nice story around this? 


Create a touching and original video or animation that shows how hair coloration can transform a woman’s life!

Your video should tell us a good story of a captivating transformation that will affect her personality, her style, her feelings… and ultimately, her life!

Strong emotional content is what we expect here. Of course we are talking about positive emotions: empathy, happiness, joy, hope, inspiration… any emotion that feels true to you and that everyone can relate to.

Your video should also appeal to young and modern women.

Your video must have a viral potential. By viral we mean that people who see it would want to share it with their friends.

Your videos are intended for the Middle-East. Forget any clichés you might have in mind about the region and simply tell a story that any stylish young woman can relate to! This means that your work should be dynamic and edgy.

We will add a branded end frame to the winning entries and these will be used on digital platforms to create a buzz about a brand. This brand does not want to be disclosed for now, for confidentiality reasons. Bear in mind that it is a very famous and global brand.


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

A good entry for this contest would be the story of a woman who dyes her hair and, right after doing it, goes out and finds out that all the colors have changed. The sky is no longer gray but yellow and shiny, the trees are not green but pink, the sun is red, the streets are blue, everything has been transformed into nicer, brighter and better colors. The city has been transformed and this is due to this woman’s new perception of the world. Now that she has a new style, she sees things with new eyes and a sense of optimism that translates everywhere in her life. 


  • #1 10,000€
  • #2 7,000€
  • #3 5,000€
  • #4 3,000€


Videos and animations, no longer than 45 sec.


We will accept only entries that tell in an emotional way how hair color has an impact on women’s lives.

The jury will award entries that are the most original and the ones that connect to women through a strong emotional bonding.



  • If you show seduction, please stay within the limits of decency. Avoid any explicit sexual allusions. If you are not sure, please ask advices to the Community Managers through the Support.
  • Don’t be controversial. Stay within a universal framework.
  • The target of the videos and animations are young women. Try to cast young women rather than your mum’s generation.
  • Humor does not seem to be a right way to communicate our story of hair coloration. Preferably bring it to life into an emotional story.
  • Entries should be in English or any other language if English subtitled. 


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