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Invent an insurance company that is truly useful to you!

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Mobile applications and technical devices have made our lives  easier. Your GPS tells you to take the next exit to avoid the traffic jam ahead.  Your phone tells you to leave now if you don’t want to miss the last train back home. Your watch tells you that you ran 10 kilometers and burnt 600 calories. 

These devices are so useful that you couldn't imagine living without them.

When it comes to insurance, however, the idea of usefulness seems to disappear… Our world is changing and insurance companies do not seem to reflect this in the products they are selling, or when they do, it is not that obvious.

If you decide to spend some time working or studying abroad, it is still difficult to find the right insurance solution for accommodation, travel and personal belongings.

What if you could change this?

Can you reinvent what insurance companies provide and offer so that they are truly useful to you? What would be the ideal relationship with an insurance company to make them a true companion? 


Tell us in what way an ideal insurance company could really be useful to you.

Show us solutions that are grounded in today's society!

Think about what you need. It could be very simple things, things that already exist in some countries, or just minor improvements to current insurance products. Just tell us in what way an insurance company could be useful to you.

Although everyone needs insurance, people do not know why and how it can prove very useful in many occasions and moments of life.

Imagine you have the ideal insurance policy with the perfect tailored products and services : describe the situations, the services, the details which make it really useful to you and describe the arguments to convince others.

Insurance companies today provide two key services:

  • Risk coverage for home, car, travel and health: these are contracts that you take out to ensure that your  loved ones and things that matter are protected should anything happen;
  • Savings: that is about having an investment and savings plan for your retirement, your child’s future, your next property purchase or a very important personal project.

For each type of service think about the situations in life in which your insurance could become involved to assist, protect, preserve, help, warn you or foresee anything you might need.

Don’t be too influenced by the opinion you have on insurance companies. Don’t explain why insurance is important. Think about the world you live in, how much it differs from what your insurance typically covers and how it could be more useful to you if done right!


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them in your submission or it will be rejected.

To create your entry think about the frustrations you have towards insurance companies and think of ways to solve them; or imagine things that they don’t already do.

Think about how the world is changing and how insurance companies can change too.

Your entry could tell a story of a young man, Martin, living in New York. He owns a scooter. He often hires a bike to go to close meetings. He does carpooling when he goes to the countryside (sharing a car with others to save on gas.) Finally he uses the subway and trains. What about his insurance? Your entry could show the advantages of having an insurance policy that covers an individual, Martin, rather than having insurance for the car, the scooter, the bike and so on. Detail the needs and the solutions and you get a great entry!

Another idea about savings is a father who has had three children with three different women. He needs to have a savings plan for each of his kids individually, according to where they live and what they plan to do for their studies. The insurance company would provide a dedicated savings plan for the dad. 


  • #1 3,000€
  • #2 1,500€
  • #3 500€


Presentations with illustrations, pictures and text. (PDF only) 


Awards will go to entries that help Aviva to find out new ideas for products or services that truly respond to an unmet need.

The winning entries will be those that help define how “usefulness” could be adapted to Aviva’s clients.

The winning entries will illustrate both risk coverage and savings. 



  • Visit Aviva or Aviva in French  to have an overview of the services they provide.
  • Don’t be negative in showing the things insurance companies don’t do well; rather describe the areas of improvement that insurance companies need to develop.
  • You don’t have to project yourself in the future to create an entry. You can think about simple things that would be very useful to you.
  • We are not providing you with details about Aviva's corporate identity because we want you to start from scratch, thinking about an ideal insurance company. The key word that needs to feature in your work is useful! 
  • To be valid, your entry needs to cover both risk coverage and financial planning.
  • Entries in English or French are accepted.  


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