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Surprise us with an exciting story where every sip counts!

開始 2014年06月10日(火) 終了 2014年07月15日(火) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC 審査 結果 2014年09月
2014年07月15日(火) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


What if a fruit juice could help you see what’s great about the world? What if every sip could put a spring in your step? What could you do when you approach life’s small challenges with an inexhaustibly positive attitude?

Nada is a brand of high quality fruit juices and drinkable dairy beverages with an ever-optimistic, young-at-heart attitude that exudes vitality. Nada drinkers like to explore the wider world around them and take a different, more dynamic view on life. Every little positive step you take counts, and in Nada’s world: “every sip counts!”

How can you help spread Nada’s positive and dynamic attitude, in a surprising and appealing story?


Surprise us with an unexpected, appealing story where every sip counts to help you see the world from a different, better perspective.

Your story should exude positivity, vitality and a forward-thinking attitude while still being surprising and exciting so that people would want to share it! We are not looking for a doe-eyed story where everyone is smiling, the sun is shining but nothing interesting happens. We want smiles and sunshine but in a surprising, exciting story.

You can find out more about Nada and its range of quality juices and dairy drinks that come in a variety of exciting flavors here.


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them literally in your submission or it will be rejected.

A young boy is staring at a mountain of books and homework in his bedroom. He sighs as the sun is shining yet he foresees spending his afternoon locked-up at home studying. The numbers and mathematical problems seem to taunt him. Looking out of the window he can see his friends playing outside. He takes a sip of Nada orange juice and suddenly the pile of books looks like a fortress. Another sip and the bedroom walls turn into countryside under a bright blue sky. The numbers and problems come alive and taunt him from atop the fortress. He takes a final sip and charges toward the fortress. After repeated attacks, he emerges victorious! While his day-dream slowly fades away, he realizes that he has finished solving all the problems and his homework is done! He is about to join his friends outside when his mother steps in and asks if he has tidied up his bedroom… He looks at her, looks at the room and shakes his empty Nada bottle. There is one last sip that he manages to gulp. An army of cleaners appears by magic…


  • #1 8,000€
  • #2 5,000€
  • #3 2,000€


video or animation, 30s maximum


We are looking for a surprising, exciting story that reflects the Nada brand and its positive, dynamic attitude. A video or animation that someone would want to share with others because it is engaging, catchy and surprising enough.

The winning entries will be amplified on social media in the Middle East therefore please read the guidelines on the cultural context.



  • Entries must be either in English or Arabic. Please do not include subtitles. If you submit a video or animation in Arabic please write a summary of the story in the comment section of your entry.
  • If possible your video should feature people that a typical middle-class family in the Middle East could identify with, in how they look.
  • Cultural context: As your video could be amplified in the Middle East, please pay particular attention to local cultural custom: Do not feature alcohol, too much exposed skin, sex, religion, politics, and pork products in your entry. Adult women should preferably dress modestly.
  • You can feature a Nada drink if you have access to them in your video. If you don’t, you can feature someone drinking a cup/glass of juice with no other brands or logo.
  • You can download pictures of the products here.
  • Do not feature any other drink brands in your entry.
  • End your entry with the Nada logo and social media icons.
  • Please see Nada TVC for reference only.
  • Invent your own tagline to end your video.


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  • 受賞者として選ばれた場合作品の高品質を保つ
  • コンテストにおいてあなたの作品の自作権は守られます
  • メディアに貢献している著者と配役それぞれから書面による承諾を得なければなりません。
  • 自分のものでない作品(音楽、写真、デザインその他)がある場合は、メディア詳細のなかに、使用する音楽や画像が自分の創作であるかどうか記入し、自分に使用権を許可する許可証のリンクをつけてください。
  • コンテストルールに従ってeYekaとそのクライアントが作品を使用することを許可するものを書面にて提出して下さい
  • コンテストルールに従っていないと見做される作品はコンテストに参加できません