Easy Mac コンテスト終了

Show us how to creatively say sorry and win back the stomach of hungry guys.

開始 2014年06月17日(火) 終了 2014年07月29日(火) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC 審査 結果 2014年08月
2014年07月29日(火) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


Easy Mac is easy-to-make macaroni and cheese that only takes 3 minutes in the microwave to make. It’s an easy fix for a starving laid-back, fun guy.

One day this guy makes his favorite snack, expecting some serious cheese and cream and finds that it’s gone. It’s dry and tasteless. This guy is now annoyed at Easy Mac!

We need to find a way to explain that Easy Mac made an EPIC FAIL and is now returning to the rich, creamy taste the guy loves. But it’s not going to be easy because this guy felt let down by Easy Mac and winning him back is going to take some serious effort.

We need a video that he would love – something extremely hilarious yet dead on point: “we went wrong, we had an epic fail, but now we’re back!“

The viewer has to understand Easy Mac made a mistake but is now back on track.

We want them to fall back in love after the relationship faced a bump.


Create a video that guys would love and find so hilarious that it would make them give Easy Mac another chance.

Make your entry memorable – we need to avoid any content clutter and win the attention of some impatient, young guys. Sarcasm or second-degree/offbeat humor can be a good way of approaching it.

Surprise us with your wild and crazy approach to this issue – what would convince you to buy this comfort food again after it let you down? What happens when the one thing you can always count on to make you feel better disappointed you?

It is great to say sorry but the best part is making-up so in your video, think of the happy ending when we find out that the recipe all guys love is back to its tastiest!

We want guys who watch your work to feel surprised, enthusiastic, entertained and also convinced that they need to give Easy Mac another chance.

Find out more about Easy Mac from the Facebook.

If you want to see how Easy Mac talks to these guys, watch this ad.

**Remember WE’RE NOT LOOKING FOR AN AD FROM YOU (hilarious content video)


You know what guys like – silly, nonsense they can send to one another. Think of things you find so entertaining that you have the urge to share with your mates. We want to create something they’ll connect to while explaining to them that we made a mistake when we changed the taste and we’ll never do it again. Once we win back their attention we will surely win back their hungry belly.

Some examples - the examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them literally in your submission or it will be rejected.

  1. Analogy | A guy does something really stupid to his girlfriend (ruins her birthday party). As a way to apologize he throws her a surprise party, bigger than the one he ruined.
  2. Humanize the product | Easy Mac is a goofball character and he talks directly to the audience.
  3. Funny Explanation | Our head chef was heartbroken after his girlfriend left him and he was so sad that he made a mistake with the recipe. He has a hotter girl now, so everything is OK again.


  • #1 8,000€
  • #2 5,000€
  • #3 2,000€


Video or animation, 15-30 secs.


We are looking for original, appealing, and fun content that would make fun of the foolish change in recipe. We need guys to think: “well, I’m mad at them but I guess I can give them another chance…”

In addition to prizes, the winning ideas will be used on social media and inspire a big advertising campaign.



  • Keep a fun tone throughout your entry.
  • Please use the logo and product in your video. They can be found here.
  • Do NOT mock or put down mums – they purchase the food for their kids.
  • We’re talking to young guys who want to be entertained. Create something you would like to share yourself.
  • The change back to the original great taste has to be understood – make it entertaining but the message has to be clear.
  • Your entry must be in English or in any other language if it is subtitled in English.


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