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ケーススタディ:Winning The Hearts Of Millennials Back Through Engaging Video Content

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Show us how to creatively say sorry and win back the stomach of hungry guys.

Easy Mac made a mistake but is now back on track. Create a video that guys would love and find so hilarious that it would make them give Easy Mac another chance.

Video or animation, 15-30 secs.

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Easy Mac Mondelez

Thank you all very much for entering the competition. We really appreciate the time and effort you all put into each video and we truly enjoyed watching them.

The quality, humor and story telling that came through was extremely impressive and certainly made the judging a difficult job!

Thanks again,
The Easy Mac team.


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devonferguson #1賞
devonferguson 32,640 クリエイティブスコア
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8,000€での#1 賞

Thank you very much for your entry and congratulations! The production quality is incredible and the creativity and humor of the rap really captured our attention and drew us in to the story. Your entry truly delivered to the brief and we believe will be engaging and shareable amongst our target audience. Well done on a fantastic job!

Easy Mac
Landonson #2賞
Landonson 10 クリエイティブスコア
  • ビデオ

5,000€での#2 賞

Thanks so much for entering! The execution and film quality of your video was fantastic. The screaming immediately captured the team's attention and the gruesomeness of the ears will really resonate with our teenage audience and give the video a big element of shareability. Well done!

Easy Mac
mildonmike #3賞
mildonmike 10 クリエイティブスコア
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2,000€での#3 賞

Thanks so much for entering! Your entry told a really clear story of where the brand was and what we're moving to. We believe the humor truly captured what the brand stands for and will resonate well with our target audience. Congratulations!

Easy Mac




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  • devonferguson 3 devonferguson 32,640 クリエイティブスコア

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