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Can you convince young men to have smooth, comfortable shave and irritation-free skin?

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You get up in the morning, you make coffee, you brush your teeth and then you see the razor. Just like yesterday and every other day this week, you need to shave. As a kid, you watched your dad shave and you couldn’t wait to grow up to be able to do the same. Now that you’re an adult, shaving has turned out to be yet another boring task that you want to finish as soon as possible. So you grab whatever soaping product is within your reach, or decide not to use any, and you shave as swiftly as possible.

The problem is that not using a proper pre shave base could lead to cause skin irritation. Not to mention going out with cuts and red skin – irritated, bad looking skin – who wants that? It would just make you feel uncomfortable and will bring down your confidence. Schick’s pre shave foam/gel will soften your facial hair and the razor will just glide smoothly and quickly, reducing irritation.  Adding Schick’s pre shave gel would make the entire experience pleasant, comfortable and quick. In fact, using Schick’s pre shave foam/gel is not for overachievers with too much time or money on their hands, it is actually for the smart guys who want to finish the task as easily as possible, and feel confident knowing that their face will look smooth and without irritation from shaving.


Let young men know, in an entertaining and appealing manner, that shaving is no longer a necessary evil and that using Schick’s pre shave foam/gel will reduce skin irritation and redness.

Don’t make a boring or patronizing video! We are looking for a fun way of explaining to young guys (18-25) why they should add Schick’s pre shave gel to their daily routine. Currently, most of them feel like it's unnecessary, pointless and time-consuming. These are all misconceptions since adding Schick’s pre shave foam/gel would actually get them smooth results swiftly (and add a great masculine fresh scent that women might love). It also gives them the confidence boost they need – irritated skin makes men feel uncomfortable and self-aware.

Unlike most soaps, Schick shaving foams and gels are specifically formulated to provide shaving lubrication and glide, helping to protect your skin from irritation and softening the hair resulting in a smooth shave. 


The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them literally in your submission or it will be rejected.

Focus on the benefits of the product, change guys’ perceptions from “unnecessary” to “I have to use this now”.

Here are some examples of ideas, which you can use  as a base for a storyline:

  • What benefits do you get when you use pre-shave?  Tack the issue from a positive point of view – what happens to your face?  How do women react to it?
  • Razor and Schick’s pre shave gel go together hand in hand (one is incomplete without the other / they help each other)
  • Facial hair can be as hard as copper.  Shaving prep helped to soften facial hair. 
  • It actually speeds up the shaving process as it gives a smooth shave (for people who need to finish the task as soon as possible). 
  • We can all use a little more confidence – make sure your face is at its best!
  • Men can be sensitive too (their skin, that is. Avoid irritation and pain)
  • You don’t want to be like your father in most aspects but you would love to have his clean-shaven face / shaving abilities (you can be a shaving master too)
  • Women are looking for the good guys – you can make them think you’re one of those by getting a great shave with an amazing fragrance.


  • #1 10,000€
  • #2 6,000€
  • #3 4,000€


Videos / Animations – 30 seconds MAX


We are looking for ways of explaining the importance of Schick’s pre shave foam/gel to young men (18-24) as an important element in their life. Because we are talking to young men we want you to explain the benefits of using these products through humorous, entertaining videos that guys would love and want to share with their friends. 



  • Entries should be in English
  • We want the video to lead to this website/Facebook - you can add “for more freedom for your skin check out our website” (or anything else you would like to say that would lead men to the site). 
  • Please add the “Free Your Skin” end frame in your video.
  • Note that since each market has a different product design, please don’t focus on the product in your video (show a glimpse of it or a distant angle, if it’s part of the plot) but make sure you clearly show the logo and tagline in the end frame.
  • Do not feature other non-Schick products or third party trademarks or logos in your video.


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