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Show moms how allowing their children to EXPERIENCE life helps them grow up better in an endearing way.

Create a high quality and appealing video or animation, with a surprising and positive story that shows moms how important it is for their children to experience and explore freely.

Video or animation of 30-45 seconds.

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Friso Frieslandcampina

Thank you for your participation of Friso Free experience viral video contest.



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This contest was a perfect fit for me since I have a 2.5 year old son and my producing partner has a 2.5 year old daughter. When I learned that I won I was very excited to start working on the next one. I always work with a team. On this project I teamed with Rob Bannister who directed and edited as well as Joseph Goldfarb who composed the music.

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Contest "Friso Toddlers" opened new horizons in my creativity. I realized what a pleasure it is to film kids, as they are the most opened actors. I am very pleased that the jury highly evaluated my video and I understand that the main merit goes to the main actor of my video. It is very nice to work with eYeka team. The perfectly written brief helped a lot in idea generation as well. I hope to participate in future contests! Очень приятно работать с командой Eyeka.

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4,000€での#3 賞

We are delighted to receive the news for our first video contest win.
Thank you eYeka & Friso! This was a real challenge to us and a real pleasure. It allowed us to experience first hand the real bond between a mother and her toddler and how this bond is getting stronger as they experience the world together. A real surprise for us was to learn that not only the child "grows" but the mother as well...
We are looking forward to future challenges!




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Thank you all for your great work and a special thank you to all the young stars of your videos!