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Create the ideal hotel experience for business travellers

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2014年10月14日(火) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


To modern business travellers, all hotels look the same. From check-in, to check-out, they offer the same, expected standard of service and experience during their stay.  There is nothing that stands-out in the hotel or in the room that would make them prefer one specific hotel to another. SilverNeedle Hospitality is a company that wants to challenge these conventions, for the better. They need your help to create the ideal hotel experience for business.


Re-invent the hotel experience with an original new product or service that will surprise and delight business travellers, and make them come back for more.

Put yourself in the shoes of a person travelling for work, not for holidays to imagine what he/she would want, what he would need and what would really surprise him and be useful to him.

You can think about all or any moment of a hotel stay: booking, checking-in, the room and its amenities, the hotel facilities, the service you get, the meals, working while you are in your hotel to the moment you leave and check-out. You can also easily research hotel websites to see whether what you propose already exist and is widespread. If it does, it is not original.


  • #1 1,000€
  • #2 500€
  • #3 500€
  • #4 500€


 1 page including 1 image and 1 paragraph of explanation (max 120 words).


The best ideas will be truly original (offering free wifi or the use of a business centre is not original) and would make a difference to someone staying in a hotel for business reasons. These ideas could be transformational, changing the whole experience or could be a small detail that could make a big difference. 



  • Entries should be in English only.
  • Make sure your entry (visual and text) is easy to understand.



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