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ケーススタディ:Refreshing the Image of Daily Club Tea with a Creative Video Campaign

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Daily Club Mitsui norin

First of all, we do appreciate all the participants for supporting this contest with your creative works. To be honest, we started this project with many anxieties such as if we could have expected any application from outside of Japan where we were almost unknown, and how your works looks like. However as a result, we are very much impressed at the number of the participants, and the very creative works with superior quality than we had ever expected. Obviously, we are very happy to have all your works and appreciate for sharing some experience with us.

It was very enjoyable to watch your works and we could actually never be able to stop watching them during the nomination committee, at the same time, it was very difficult to determine the final winner. As a result, we must state the margins were very narrow.

We are very much encouraged with your enthusiasms and creativity with originality, this contest will surely make us further motivated and we will make our best effort to expand and enhance our Daily Club brand.

Finally, please freely enjoy your cup of tea with full of your imagination every day, hopefully one more cup than before. ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!! (Thank you very much.)


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mordov-centre #1賞
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10,000€での#1 賞

Thank you very much. I'm really pleased to hear that I have won.

This is the most and extraordinarily impressive works among the participants. “What are they doing?” turns into laughter when we found and understand the meaning with the excellent punch line at the end. It should also be mentioned the gaps between the catchy and funky tunes and serious look of each acts. (Moreover, it is also impressive to find the hook to start with L.A.!!) As was in our brief, this obviously blown the stereotype of traditional black tea and impress the audiences.

Oops! One thing we need to say, to enjoy your brilliant cup of Daily Club tea, we still highly recommend to keep your tea bag stay still in your cup instead of shaking up and down though…. For the audiences for this video, please do NOT try to do the same for your decent cup.

Daily Club
nicolasivan #2賞
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6,000€での#2 賞

Wow! This has been a very eventful Eyeka week for me! Produced 3 videos, won 2 contest, and your nice offer to be featured as creator of the month. And with the prize indeed the wedding will be great thanks to you guys! We are both so happy.

This also is very attractive with high quality image and atmosphere. Without doubt, every single moment is very beautiful, at the same time, we have always been expecting “what’s next?”, then we could never turn our eyes out from your video. The story line is also well organised to explore the new world with a cup of tea from classical and traditional time. This is really a beautiful one which should definitely encourage all of us to explore new world with enjoyable cup of tea, after watching it.

Daily Club
weston #3賞
weston 0 クリエイティブスコア
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4,000€での#3 賞

The last scene makes Daily Club very impressive with stylish and simple visual expressions from the beginning to its ending. It is only 30 seconds but we appreciate that you have put all your excellence in a shot film. It is very cool and funky to find the final punch line with our black tea after watching all the astonishing techniques of the bartender with fast moving tempo. The stereotype of the black tea was broken by above 1st prize, tea is looking for the new world with 2nd prize work, then I would explain yours as the one which brings it even one step forward to the hopeful future.

Daily Club






Daily Clubコミュニティ


We have received many high quality videos for this contest. There were also many of you who participated for the first time in eYeka. Congratulations for those who won! For those who did not win this time, do not lose heart and keep on creating awesome works. Your win might just be a contest away. Cheers!