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Show us why high-quality vinegar can delight palates and create better food occasions

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Making food for yourself and others can be gratifying and enjoyable but you always need to find new, fresh ways of creating fine dishes. One little known secret is vinegar. This seemingly ordinary liquid has many benefits that people simply overlook. Most think that vinegar is a commodity to use exclusively in salad dressings, but they couldn't be further from the truth. They’re just using the WRONG kind of vinegar. Because just like with olive oil or mustard, not all vinegars are created equal and their palates are missing out!

Good, premium vinegar can massively improve the taste, preserve it and lead to better food moments. There are endless benefits to including vinegar in your food and Gallo, one of the world’s finest vinegar manufacturers, wants to give high quality vinegar the respect it deserves. The brand is known for being authentic and caring to its consumers. You must help them with their mission of inspiring food-lovers to feed their passion and creating memorable eating moments by adopting this noble ingredient!  

Your mission is to make foodies understand that Gallo’s high-quality vinegar is an amazing taste-enhancer, which they need to include in their daily treats. Don't worry if you don't know much about cooking. Just put on your thinking cap, wear your creative apron and cook up a poster that encourages people to make better food and seek memorable moments, inspired by fine vinegar. Bon appétit! 


Add a tablespoon of creativity to encourage foodies to create memorable moments and enhance the flavor in their lives by adding Gallo’s premium vinegar to their daily food occasions through an original poster.

There are many kinds of vinegars available today but they are not similar at all.  High quality vinegar is in fact the secret weapon that top chefs use in order to keep their food tasty and appetizing (read more here). But common food-fans don’t use it very often. This is because they have not discovered how superior, premium vinegar and its many perks in everyday dishes. They’re missing out on better tasting food when they choose not to include it in their plates.

Your poster should show why Gallo’s fine vinegars are desirable, somewhat premium, everyday flavor enhancers. Your idea should present how it can passionately bring something irresistibly tasty to life, which leads to memorable moments.

We prefer that you show an unexpected food benefit (not just salad seasoning), but feel free to read a little about vinegar online and surface little known helpful elements of vinegar to food lovers. A good starting point here. 



Example| There is a small chef inside every one of us and vinegar helps him to come out and cook. The idea is to show how Gallo’s high-quality vinegar helps to create better tasting food and even make it seem more premium and appetizing. Every meal the “hidden chef” creates for family and friends is a success! Just a couple of drops give food a prime taste and look (and turn you into a chef).

Bad Example | Just saying “Gallo vinegar is good” or simply showing nice looking food, without any creative twist or an inspiring message. This doesn’t tell a story or has a strong idea that would really encourage people to use fine vinegar.


  • #1 3,000€
  • #2 1,500€
  • #3 500€


Poster with image/illustration with/without tagline + 1 page of text explanations


Don’t just make an ad for vinegar – your ideas will help inspire Gallo’s new campaign! We want you to show that contrary to common low-class vinegar that isn’t very beneficial, Gallo’s vinegar is a premium, noble flavor enhancer. Create an entry with a strong idea that would resonate with those who love food and makes them understand what they’re missing out on. You really need to change passionate food-lovers' minds about this ingredient and the only way to do so is by giving them an interesting, valid reason.

Consider elements and situations that can depict the premiumness, versatility and flavor enhancement vinegar can add to any occasion.



  • Please submit entries in English or Portuguese
  • Please include one short paragraph with an explanation about your chosen message, why you think your idea will change the perception of fine vinegar and why it would encourage foodies to use it
  • Don’t show vinegar applied to non-food intended purposes (cleaning/cosmetics)
  • Please include the Gallo logo in your entry (download here)
  • Please include at least one product pack from Gallo vinegars range (packshots found here)
  • Read more about the Gallo and their vinegar selection here


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