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In a new & modern packaging for Pocket Coffee, express the pleasure of the marriage of chocolate and coffee.

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2014年12月21日(日) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC


Coffee and chocolate! Ah, two of the greatest pleasures of life! So if you have a sweet tooth, you would love Pocket Coffee. Maybe you’ve tried them before… And we bet you became a fan!

It was introduced for the first time in Italy in 1968 and is still the only praline filled with real liquid espresso coffee 100% Arabica.

Due to its unique combination of chocolate and real espresso, it is the ideal travel companion for all our daily trips. It recharges you for the rest of your day, providing a positive physical and emotional recharge.

Problem is: Pocket Coffee is not perceived as a chocolate product for young people. It refers more to my grandma rather than to me!  We think it’s mainly because of its packaging, which is quite old fashioned and has not changed for a long time. Pocket Coffee needs your help to revamp its packaging, embodying pleasure and modernity and appeal to younger consumers and attract new consumers.


Create a modern and premium graphic design to make Pocket Coffee stand out as the little pleasure that everyone needs in their everyday life.

You should come up with three versions of your graphic design: (templates are provided in the toolkit)

  • The single cover of the praline  (T1)
  • The paper pack of 5 (T5) this is the “on the go” pack.
  • The paper pack of 18 (T18).The small storage pack. This package will have a window. (= transparent plastic part that allows you to see the pralines inside the package)
T1 T5 T18
T1 T5 T18

There are some elements that need to be on your packaging:

  • A more contemporary cup of espresso coffee,
  • The praline without its wrapping must be on T5 and T18
  • The logo that has to remain the same
  • The company name “Ferrero” , written as it is on the current pack 

The graphic design you create must convey the values of: 1) Pleasure, 2) Modernity, 3) Recharge, 4) Premiumness.

You’re free to change colors. Yet we ask you to take into account the heritage of the brand. Anything that refers to tropical islands or jungle animals would not be really relevant.  

A few elements that you might want to know about the brand: it’s made for people who are always on the move. It’s the only praline that combines high quality chocolate and real espresso coffee. The experience of eating Pocket Coffee is truly pleasurable. The distinctive ingredients make it a perfect treat. It’s not childish or fun and it’s not elitist. Although the packaging should express “premiumness”, keep in mind it’s a democratic product that is sold in supermarkets.

Please provide a short text of explanations to detail your entry. We’d love to know where your inspiration comes from.



Think about how you can “translate” the values of Pocket Coffee into an appealing graphic design. Think about what codes young people like… how can you make the candy appealing to them? Think about contemporary communication codes of coffee and chocolate.

The cup of coffee could be an illustration in a more contemporary style. Playing with the liquid coffee that’s inside the candy can be a way to make the design more interesting too.


  • #1 3,000€
  • #2 1,500€
  • #3 500€


3 graphic designs and text.  (4 pages PDF)


The ideal entry has a modern look and it strongly communicates primarily the idea of “Pleasure” and “Recharge” while being modern and premium.



  • Don’t go too far in the evocations of “Pleasure”. It’s a little treat not an extreme indulgence!
  • Same for “Recharge” don’t promise too much about the functions of the candy. It’s not an energy drink. ‘Recharge’ has to be understood as ‘positive energy’, something that helps you feel better (physically, emotionally and mentally) anywhere and in any moment of your day.
  • Keep in mind Pocket Coffee is what is called: “a mass ‘Premium’ product”.  Among chocolate products sold in supermarkets, pralines are the most premium ones, much more than a simple chocolate bar or snacks.
  • Avoid references to or representation of sugar in your design.
  • You can download the logo and the template in the toolkit.
  • Entries are accepted in English.

If you’re selected as a winner, we’ll ask you to create two versions based on your concept for two new products from this brand. 


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