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Can you help mums express their creativity with Muffins and Music?

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Revision to brief and a new video guide

15/01/30 10:20

We have simplified the brief due to some feedback from you and also added a video guide to help you. It is much easier now as you just need to use the piano track provided in the toolkit as it is. Of course, if you can remix it, you are welcomed to do so. So start getting creative with Music and Muffins!



Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, Tip Top English Muffins are ‘Australia’s favorite English Muffin’, and have delighted people of all ages for generations. Mums love these little beauties, as they are delicious and versatile. They are mostly served toasted with your favorite toppings for breakfast such as Vegemite (an iconic Australian spread) or scrambled eggs, but they are also enjoyed as snacks or even as a fun kids meal.

There is no limit to how Mum can prepare, and serve these muffins to create an easy & simple meal that will make those everyday occasion exciting, and the family will love Mum for it!

Tip Top English muffins are more than just food. They are a tool to express your creativity and personality. We need you to inspire mums to express their creativity through Tip Top’s English muffins with a very memorable, catchy and shareable video. And we have all the right ingredients to help you make a mum as amazing as she wants to be.


Create an awesome, catchy video where a mum expresses her mood with Muffins and Music!

Use Tip Top’s jingle as a soundtrack for your video. If you feel musical, you can remix it as you want to suit the mood of your video. 

Tip Top English muffins could be used to express a wide range of moods (fun, party, romantic, sophisticated, playful, relaxing, sporty…) and could transport people across many cultures thanks to the toppings you can add (Mexican, Chinese, Arabic, French, Italian, American English… or just laid back Australian).

Your video should express the confidence and positive energy of the brand. While watching it, people should want to try the way you top the muffins at home, hum the infectious tune and share with their friends to spread the mood.

In addition to the iconic jingle music, Tip Top English Muffins are known for a little character that was featured in their TV commercials a few years ago: a little English grenadier (marching soldier). We only have a picture of him… You can decide to use him or not in your video as long as he is not the main character of your video (he could make a short appearance during the video as a nod to the brand’s heritage and tradition). If you decide to use him please give him a contemporary twist and be creative with him.



Example: Mum and dad are bringing the kid back from school when she glances at a handsome, tanned surfer distributing flyers on the street. He has a T-Shirt with an English grenadier. Dad feels a bit jealous and mum is embarrassed. Once at home she feels inspired by the encounter and in the mood for a bit of adventure and fun! She prepares some mini Hawaiian pizzas with ham and pineapple toppings using Tip Top English Muffins as a base. Everyone loves them! Simple and fast to prepare and great fun to eat. The whole atmosphere changes: the kids are dancing and dad is now surfing topless on the ironing board! Simple, fun and contagious family moment.

The soundtrack of the video starts with the traditional Tip Top English muffins jingle that quickly turns into fun Hawaiian dance music.

Bad Example: A mum brings toasted muffins with strawberry toppings to the family table for breakfast. Everybody is happy and they eat with appetite. The video ends with the grenadier saying ”Tip Top are the best muffins for family moments”. This is a bad example because there is no story and no mood that is set or expressed thanks to the muffins, but for a cliché “happy family moment”.


  • #1 7,000€
  • #2 5,000€
  • #3 3,000€


Video or animation – maximum 30 seconds.


The best videos will make mums want to go out and buy Tip Top English Muffins to try to personalize them too! The mood you will have created will be so contagious that viewers will hum the tune long after they have seen your video. They will feel like sharing it because it is engaging, surprising and very entertaining, with the key outtake being ‘warmth’: The love Aussie mums feel when she pleases her family.



  • It is up to you to show children or not in your videos, depending on your story. For example a mum could just mention her kids in your video without you having to show them.
  • Please download the jingle, the end frame and the high-resolution picture of the grenadier to use in your video from the toolkit here.
  • Your video should appeal to mums. They are young at heart but not teenagers: nothing too sexy, no alcohol, no drugs and no religious or political themes.
  • If you cannot find Tip Top English Muffins, use any other muffins in your video as long as we do not see the brand. You can see what Tip Top English Muffins look like here.
  • Tip Top as a brand is positioned to be ‘the champion of the uncomplicated’, by providing Australian families with a range of products to make mum's (and dad’s) life easier. The “recipe” for English Muffins you depict should be simple to prepare.
  • Use the “Piano Only” track for the jingle melody. You can use it as it is, do a cover or remix it. The other tracks are only for references. If you want to do your own remix, and add some lyrics don’t change the part of the jingle which says: ‘Good on ya mum, Tip Top’s the one’.


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