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Spread the happiness of a home cooked meal with Maggi products!

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Happiness is a home-cooked meal, prepared with love and meticulous care. Imagine going back home to a delicious, steaming hot meal… Imagine the happiness of a mum spending time to prepare a comforting meal for her loved ones after a hard day at school or at work. This is true all over the World and especially in Vietnam where mums tend to work from home so that they can also take care of the household.

Maggi is a brand of sauces, stocks and seasoning. In Vietnam it is best known for itsSoya Sauce (used for dipping food), Oyster Sauce (great for vegetable stir fry), and Granule Bouillon (to make soups). Its products help mothers create great family moments by helping her to express care and love, knowing that the ingredients are safe, natural and make food taste great.   

How do we convince Vietnamese mums to use Maggi products when preparing family meals, and spread that home-cooked, meticulously prepared happiness?


Inspire Vietnamese mums to use Maggi products when preparing family meals to spread the happiness of a home-cooked meal, prepared with love and meticulous care, through a poster and some digital campaign or activation idea.

We are looking for an idea to show that "happiness comes from home-cooked meals prepared with love and meticulous care using the 3 Maggi products popular in Vietnam". We need you to create a poster that will engage mums to illustrate your idea, which could be used on the streets, in stores and in shopping areas. It should include a tagline of your creation, a visual and some optional copy.

If you have great ideas for a digital (social media, online…) or activation campaign (something happening on the streets, in stores, in shopping malls…) that will make mums want to try the products, please include them in your submission.

You need to convince Vietnamese mums who live in cities. They are educated and use the Internet, including on their smartphones. They often work at home, running a small business or a shop. They are busy but can manage their time as they want. Like all mums, they want the best for their children and husband and believe that food is very important for health, happiness and success.

You can do so with a creative idea that connects many products in one poster/activation or having an idea that could be used as a series to feature the different Maggi products with a common theme. Keep it simple and engaging.



You do not need to know anything about Vietnamese culture to participate, except for the information provided in this brief. You are free to come up with the idea that YOU feel will work well to inspire these mums.

For example your idea is “the kitchen of happiness with mum’s special touch”. Your poster will feature a kitchen cabinet from where a rainbow is spreading onto the dining table where you can see a home-cooked meal with Maggi Soya sauce and oyster sauce. You can see that mum has put some effort into it. A family of four is marveling at the colors and the rainbow is turning their hair multi-colored.

This idea can be brought to life through a digital campaign where young people are invited to take a picture of mum's best home-cooked meal and tag them #MaggiHappiness for their friends and mums to see. This could turn into a competition where people vote for the best meals, and mums will be invited to cook it in front of an audience in some stores or shopping malls. They will be rewarded with a free supply of Maggi products for a year. The audience will be offered discounts as well as little rainbow stickers they could put in their own kitchen where the Maggi products are stored, to show where the happiness comes from.


  • #1 3,000€
  • #2 1,500€
  • #3 500€


PDF presentation – Max 5 pages.


We are looking for original yet simple and creative campaign ideas that will convince a mum to use Maggi products whenever she prepares a meal for her family, to really communicate that happiness that can be derived from a well prepared home-cooked meal.  The best ideas will tell a story that will be easy to grasp so that by just looking at the visual, without any explanation, mums will understand the benefit and feel compelled to use the featured products.

Your campaign idea will be used in Vietnam.



  • You do not need to feature any Vietnamese or Asian person in your visuals as they will be used for inspiration. We are looking for a good quality of creative execution to make your concept easier to understand.
  • Entries must be in English.
  • Please feature the Maggi logo in your visuals (poster).


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