Connect Fracture to Osteoporosis コンテスト終了

Help elderly women to connect their fracture to the real cause!

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Have you ever heard about osteoporosis?

If you haven't, it is one of the main reasons for fracture in elderly women (it can even occur in women as young as 55!). Osteoporosis is a weakening of bones in the body. It is caused by decreasing bone density and that is why a fracture can happen so quickly, even after a light fall.

Most people don’t know about osteoporosis or at least don’t directly connect a fracture with the disease, even Hospitals and Doctors may not make the connection.

Obvious fractures are treated but the root cause is not identified. Most women will have the fracture treated and go through rehabilitation but never know they have osteoporosis.

Find an original way to let elderly women know that their fracture could be caused by osteoporosis.

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