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Show us how Tip Top Café brings the “café mood” into your everyday!

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Weekday mornings at home or in the office - You have a lot on. You know you can handle it but you deserve a little reward and me time to give you a boost - a mini-break to pamper yourself and get some fresh perspective before carrying on. You might indulge yourself with a visit to your local coffee shop where you can sit down, enjoy a freshly brewed caffeine fix and a rich thick slice of toasted fruit bread. This would put you in such a relaxed and positive mood that you would feel re-energized to face the rest of the day.

If only you could pop-by your local coffee shop every time you need it!

Tip Top, Australia’s leading bread brand has a wonderful range of products that bring your coffee shop to you! Tip Top Café fruit breads are thickly sliced, gently spiced and bursting with delicious ingredients such as blueberries, sultanas, whole grains and sunflower seeds. A thick slice of it, toasted with some butter will immerse you into an indulging “treat myself” café style moment every day, whether at home for breakfast or for morning snack breaks at the office. 

It does not matter if you have never seen the product or the brand! We need your creativity to let busy people know that they can turn everyday breakfasts and snacking moments into a more rewarding experience, with Tip Top’s Café range.


Show us in a down-to-earth and light-hearted video what could happen when Tip Top Café fruit breads bring the café mood into your everyday!

We are looking for videos that are genuine, and a little tongue-in-cheek to connect with busy people (30+) who have busy lives (be it family, a nagging boss, too much work and not enough leisure time...).

They enjoy simple, good quality foods that are rich in flavor. They love to go to their local coffee joint, likely to be an unpretentious, think McCafe or Starbucks (not an upmarket, expensive café). Unfortunately, they can’t always get to a café but a Tip Top Café fruit bread experience can always be on hand with that little bit of love they deserve.

End your video with the tagline: “Only Tip Top Café brings the café into your everyday!”



The examples are only provided to illustrate our expectations. Please do not use them literally in your submission or it will be rejected.

An Example Monday morning. Mike wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. He steps on his son’s toy truck and hurts his foot, banging his head against the wardrobe door in the process. The kids are running wild downstairs and his wife is shouting at him to get dressed fast to help. He is standing over the bathroom sink and just realizes he is brushing his teeth with his wife’s facial moisturizing cream. And all his shirts are in the laundry. He stumbles downstairs, wearing a Hawaiian shirt under his suit to a scene of kitchen chaos. He calmly walks to the toaster, and makes himself a thick slice of Tip Top Café fruit bread. He spreads some butter, has a bite and suddenly, it all changes. The messy kitchen turns into a friendly café in his mind. His wife is sitting at the table, impeccably dressed and smiling. His kids are dressed up like waiters and ask him whether he would like to order more coffee…  He feels amazing. But it all quickly fades away and the mess and stress return. Mike looks unfazed and has another bite of his toast, quietly confident that he can now face the day.

The video ends with the tagline “Only Tip Top Café brings the café into your everyday!”


  • #1 10,000€
  • #2 8,000€
  • #3 4,000€
  • #4 2,000€


Video or animation – 30 seconds max


Make sure your creative execution is as strong as your story (Tip Top Café is a premium product that should look delicious and appealing) and your work will become the official announcement of the new Tip Top product in Australia. Please don’t suggest that Café Style can give you superhero powers. You’re giving viewers a reward of a special break, not an extraordinary superhuman ability. Also, please don’t take yourself too seriously, or make your entry overly sexual or romantic. It needs to be clever, light-hearted, humorous, tongue-in-cheek and above all – very fun to watch.



  • You can see pictures of the product here.
  • If you do not have access to Tip Top Café Style fruit breads use any other toast with grains/fruits inside as long as it is about the same thickness.
  • The serving size is 1 piece of toast as they are quite thick.
  • Obviously, the toast needs to be toasted before being eaten!
  • Please don’t submit entries with sexual or offensive content.
  • Please submit entries in English or with English subtitles.
  • Light-hearted, genuine and generous tone of voice would be the most successful.
  • We are looking for videos with good creative execution that could be used straightaway.


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