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Tell stories about how travel changed your life by uniting you to a person or a place.

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Have you realized how lucky we are, living in the 21st century? We fly….and it’s so easy to do so. You can leave a city at night and wake-up in a different one… It’s stirring: feeling alone and a few hours later holding your loved one. It’s exciting: meeting overseas colleagues on the other side of the world. Airplane travels are much more than just going from one point to another. Travels change your life.

Aeroméxico is Mexico‘s national airline. They fly to many destinations in Europe, Asia and of course, the USA and Latin America. They are much more than a means of transportation; they are “the line that unites us”. Aeroméxico is the airline that unites all Mexicans with one another and also the line that unites Mexico to the world.

They are looking for emotional content that will bring to life this vision. The goal is to reach as many people as possible in the 25 to 35 age group.


In a short and impactful video, tell us powerful and heartwarming stories of the last time you’ve felt united to someone thanks to a travel by air.

The idea to convey in your video is that Aeroméxico changes your life by connecting you to people or places that will have a great impact on your life. Something as simple as taking a plane can change things inside you, it can make you a different person.

In terms of tone of voice, you must pick one of the two directions:

  • Emotional: personal and special stories which feel true.
  • Surprising and “wow” approaches: humorous and innovative ways to convey the idea.

We are not looking for TVCs, rather for a sharable piece of content that will travel (!) on line. When watching your video, your audience should feel surprised at first and then happy. They would want to share it with their friends. We are looking for videos of good quality.

The setting does not have to be an airplane or an airport. We would like to see personal stories, things that happen before, during and after the journey. 



Your video could tell the story of someone travelling alone for the first time. He’s very afraid of leaving his home town and does not know what to expect where he’s going. The story is told through a voice-over. We see the guy in China living crazy adventures and he appears to be very brave and bold. The trip changed his life. When he returns to Mexico, he’s a different person. He quits his boring job and starts doing what he is passionate about: painting. Aeroméxico has united him to his true passion in life.

Your story can also be about families that reconnect, couples, or office workers.


  • #1 14,000€
  • #2 7,000€
  • #3 4,000€


Video no longer than 30 sec.


We will accept only videos that have a potential to become viral hits. Think about ways to “hook” your audience. Winners will be the videos that best express the idea of Aeroméxico being the “line that unites us”.



  • Only videos please, no animations.
  • The focus is travelling by air. Not train or coach travel please.
  • Avoid showing other airlines.
  • Videos will not be about being transported – rather tell us about the before and the after of the flight.
  • You can download the logo here.
  • Please use the tagline: “The line that unites us.”
  • Remember Aeroméxico is a flagship brand, a leader, not a low-cost airline.
  • Videos must be of high quality
  • Don’t hesitate to share your synopsis or video stories with community managers:
  • Videos should be in Spanish. If you feel more comfortable doing your video in English, please do not use much dialog and prefer voice overs (easier for our client for overdub recording)


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