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Design a new package for “V Energy Green” that would make it desirable for the fun-loving Generation Y.

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Gen Y (18-24 years old) needs a lot of energy in order to keep up. There are parties, beach days, dates, sport events, concerts, and evenings that turn into nights that end in the morning… it’s exhausting, but with a fear of missing out… Gen Y wants it ALL!

Luckily they have the ultimate solution – V Energy Green Drink. It’s the most popular energy drink in Australia and New Zealand. It gives them the much-needed energy boost that helps them be at their most awesome best! V Green is a delicious citrus, berry and vanilla combination boosted by guarana and caffeine, which has a very loyal following .You can learn more about the product in the “Guidelines” section below.

The thing is, Gen Y loves new experiences and being the first to try out new trends and technology. Your challenge is to get them drinking V Green even more often, by thinking of new and exciting ways to package the drink and take V Green to the next level. Basically make it the most desirable energy drink – EVER!

Design a new package for “V Energy Green” that would create a buzz around it and make it desirable for the fun-loving Generation Y.


Design the ultimate package for V Energy Green Drink that would give those in their early 20s the most awesome experience possible

Your creation should appeal to 18-24 year olds. They’re outgoing, sociable, very much into dance music and wild, unforgettable nights with their mates. Your entry should be different and exciting enough that they’ll buy V Green more often not just for the energy boost but also for the added fun of the exciting package design.

Go all creative with this brief – think of innovative ideas to refresh the packaging by changing the shape of the package, adding another item to the package, designing a limited edition that could be shared with others or inventing a new way of consumption – it’s up to you. Just make sure that it’s original, interesting, and fun.  

Your presentation should cover these 4 points:

  1. Show us your package design idea with text and images.
  2. Explain who your new product is intended for. Describe the person consuming it – who is he? What’s his lifestyle like? Where is he consuming it?
  3. Describe why your drinker would enjoy it - what does it add to his life?
  4. Express what is unique, creative and original about your new drink.

The main goal of this brief is to design a new package for the energy drink. Once you’ve finished with this, you are free to suggest any ideas you have for new energy products (something that isn’t a drink). You don’t need to design a package for your product ideas, just tell us what you think would work (e.g. – an energy lollipop). This isn’t mandatory; your focus should be on the new package for the drink.



Some Examples:

  • Fun design and experience | The cans will be designed as jukeboxes, for that extra chill vibe. When the drink is finished, a small part of the can will be pushed in and phones can be inserted into them. The can will be used to amplify music (because of the shape and aluminum material).
  • Social element | the cans can be split in two and then shared between friends.
  • Limited edition design | close to the time of the Grammy awards, V Green will create 5 different can designs, each featuring one of the nominees for “best electronic act”


  • #1 4,000€
  • #2 2,000€
  • #3 2,000€
  • #4 1,000€
  • #5 1,000€


PDF presentation with text and images – 5 pages max.


We look forward to original and smart ideas, which would create excitement through design and gamification elements. However, it should be realistic and not extremely expensive to create (no flying cans please). Remember that it should be relatable to Gen Y’s lives and interests. They consume the drink socially with friends, at parties, on the beach, in the car, at work, whilst studying, before exercise – anytime they need a small pick-me-up. Think of ways you can make their time better.

V Green is the drink for awesome, good-time-loving people like you, so you can be really creative, playful and cheeky with this project.



  • Please submit entries in English.
  • Your presentation must cover the 4 points stated in the brief.
  • You can use the various brand assets (in the toolkit here).
  • You must include the logo in your design (please don’t redesign it).
  • You can learn more about the existing flavors and package from their website, Facebook and YouTube channel.
  • Entries should be realistic from a cost and manufacturing point of view.
  • Nothing too posh or premium-like.
  • Nothing too gender-specific (too boyish/girly).
  • Nothing to do with extreme sports.
  • Nothing dark, gloomy or scary.
  • Please note that the can material has to be in Aluminum.


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