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Bring back the magic to Pond’s iconic Cold Cream with a touch of contemporary creativity!

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The ideal beauty product is something that women are constantly looking out for. They crave a formula that’s truly effective, one that makes their skin healthier, fresher and radiant. But with so many existing products and many new options emerging, it’s very difficult to locate the perfect one.

Your job is to inspire women to try out the ultimate beauty product - Pond’s Cold Cream. It’s a classic, iconic skin care product that has been used by women all over the world since 1907 to remove even the most stubborn make-up and dirt, while nurturing their skin. Women who use it trust it and are totally obsessed with it as it gives them a deeply cleansed, beautiful, glowing skin (see example review here).

Pond’s Cold Cream has been around for ages… and therefore has a bit of an old fashioned image. Younger women are not aware of its iconic status and how well it works. You need to change that by making it desirable to young women in their thirties, who are ignoring it. We want you to infuse your creativity into Pond’s Cold Cream, in a contemporary and fabulous way, so they won’t be able to resist trying it out.


Create an original, contemporary poster with a tagline that brings to life one of Pond’s Cold Cream's fabulous benefits, so that young women in their thirties won’t be able to fight the urge to try it out!

You can get stimulated with the way Pond’s used to communicate Cold Cream in the past (see in “Guidelines”). Remember that your poster needs to resonate with young women (age 30 to 35 years) who are always looking out for the best solution for their skin. They think all beauty product ads look the same so you need to be creative to capture their attention.

Below are some of the benefits of Pond’s Cold Cream. Please choose the one you feel will inspire young women most and describe it in a way that’s relevant and engaging to them.

  • Heritage: Pond’s Cold Cream is a classic, iconic skin care product that women all over the world have been using for 160 years. This angle shows how some things stand the test of time and can’t be easily replaced in women’s lives (like the little black dress).
  • Strong yet gentle: Pond’s Cold Cream has 2 seemingly contradictory benefits – it’s both strong (cleaning out all the dirt and makeup) and gentle (moisturizing and nourishing) at the same time. The tension between these two benefits symbolizes the women who use it: strong on the inside and soft on the outside.
  • Cleansing and nurturing: Pond's Cold cream is very unique because it deeply cleanses and nurtures at the same time. The deep cleansing action removes hidden dirt and make-up, even stubborn waterproof mascara. Reviews indicate that it manages to clean dirt that other products couldn’t take out and that remain in the skin for years. Its perfect blend of ingredients softens the skin as they deeply cleanse so complexion feels smooth and soft- never tight or dry.

In your submission, tell us:

  1. Which approach you chose,
  2. Why you think your idea will resonate with young, modern women,
  3. What makes your idea unique to Pond’s Cold Cream so that other brands could not claim the same thing.



Start by looking for what women say about Pond’s Cold Cream online, there are glowing reviews out there that may inspire you, and will give you a better appreciation for the product.

A good example:

A woman is smiling at us. She has a glowing skin with a light elegant make-up and impeccably styled hair. She radiates happiness and confidence. She is a scientist, studying the impact of the melting polar ice caps. She is driving a gigantic arctic truck with tracks, in a muddy, snowy and harsh landscape. We can see a picture of her young son in the nicely decorated truck cabin. The snow is falling in the background and we can see the base where she lives. She managed to retain her femininity while showing strength to get where she is, and do her job in the toughest conditions. This poster symbolizes the Pond’s Cold Cream woman who is strong inside yet gentle and smooth on the outside. You need both of these complementary sides to live a fulfilling life. It also illustrates the dual action of Pond’s Cold Cream, strong and gentle, cleansing and purifying.

A bad example:

A poster showing a picture of the product on a “Ying-Yang” symbol, with a copy that says “strong yet gentle”. It is a cliché visual and does not communicate why being strong and gentle at the same time offers some benefits. It just states it.


  • #1 4,000€
  • #2 2,000€
  • #3 2,000€
  • #4 1,000€
  • #5 1,000€


Poster with tagline (maximum 2 pages PDF)


We’re looking for the ultimate makeover for Pond’s Cold Cream. You need to bring back the magic and craving to use it while turning a brand with a strong heritage into a more modern icon. The winning entries will tell a unique, contemporary story about one of the benefits and make it seem like a “must-have” in one’s beauty routine. Start by thinking about today’s young women – what do they care about, what are their interests, etc. Talk to them in a creative, trendy way that would make them listen and be encouraged to try out this incredible product for themselves.



  • Please include the Pond’s logo and the product’s picture (found here).
  • You can find out more about Pond’s Cold Cream online.
  • Entries should be in English.
  • With your entry please answer the 3 questions from the brief section.
  • Please don’t describe the product as “old”, as something that your mother and grandmother used. Keep it trendy and stylish.



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