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Help convince rheumatologists that their patients suffering from RA now have a treatment that offers the groundbreaking tailored strength they deserve.

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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the joints which can lead to moderate to severe RA in some patients. This inflammation can cause pain, swelling, stiffness, and reduced mobility. Rheumatoid arthritis primarily affects the joints but can also affect the whole body, causing what are called systemic symptoms. These systemic symptoms occur especially in people who have severe disease. Problems associated with rheumatoid arthritis can develop in the eyes, lungs, heart, blood/blood vessels and nerves/muscles. RA is a chronic illness, which means it doesn't go away. Over time, it may lead to permanent joint damage and physical disability. Appropriate diagnosis and treatment are important to best manage RA.

Rheumatologists are physicians who help RA patients. They desire better guidance to suitably match the right treatments to the unique needs of individual patients.

RUMHATOP is a product currently being developed to help patients with moderate to severe RA. It is a powerful and versatile therapy that can be tailored to meet patient’s needs.

We ask you to find a way to communicate the value of RUMHATOP to physicians who treat patients with RA.


Create an impactful print ad that boldly introduces RUMHATOP to the RA market. The ad should be designed to shatter the status quo and convince rheumatologists that they now have a treatment that offers the groundbreaking tailored strength that patients truly deserve.



Despite treatment advances, there is still an unmet need and opportunity for RUMHATOP to help patients with moderate to severe RA achieve better clinical outcomes and improved quality of life.



Rheumatologists, physicians who specialize in treating RA, desire better guidance to confidently match the right treatment to the unique needs of individual patients.



RUMHATOP is a powerful and versatile therapy that can be tailored to meet the personalized needs of RA patients.


STRATEGIC PLATFORM: (what your poster needs to convey)



WHY IT MATTERS: (consequences)
Rheumatologists now have a treatment that can disrupt RA, shatter the status quo and unseat existing market leaders as the first biologic treatment choice.

When looking at your poster Rheumatologists will feel re-energized and empowered because they can now achieve better outcomes with a tailored approach, enabling patients to regain control of their lives.

With efficacy that’s powerful and versatile enough to address the profound and varied effects of RA, RUMHATOP offers patients and physicians a treatment that’s truly a match for their disease—one that can be tailored to their needs.

Your poster needs to encompass the product’s uniqueness. Please make sure your entry comprises a visual, a headline, and a concept description/rationale.



Think about a creative concept that will boldly launch RUMHATOP through a compelling campaign that generates interest and stimulates demand for the product among rheumatologists.


  • #1 3,000€
  • #2 2,000€
  • #3 1,000€
  • #4 1,000€
  • #5 500€


One print and some text (two pages, PDF only)


The ideal entry will be a bold, non-generic (very distinct from current rheumatology-specific physician-focused marketing campaigns), sophisticated, thought provoking concept that draws rheumatologists in and leads them to learn more about RUMHATOP.



  • Your print ad must consist of an original visual and a headline
  • Make sure you explain your concept in a short paragraph
  • RUMHATOP is a fake product name
  • Avoid cartoon-like and humorous tone
  • The quality of the execution is not paramount. We are looking for creative ideas.
  • Entries are accepted in English



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