The Power of Fragrance コンテスト終了

Tell us a story about the transformative power of perfume!

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The scent of a fine fragrance coming from a woman – it really leaves an impression on you, doesn’t it? Her perfume, or the soap, body wash, or shampoo she uses in the shower. A woman smells amazing! She walks by you and leaves a trail of feminine scent behind her, instinctively grabbing your attention.

But what effect does smelling good have on a woman?  How does she feel when she wears perfume? What is the feeling when she wraps her body in a scent that the finest perfume makers created, using only the best ingredients on the planet? Can you imagine that moment? How does it transform a woman?  

One of the largest beauty brands is launching a new line of body wash with rich fine fragrance compositions designed to bloom in the shower and to last longer after it. As if you are bathing with perfume every time. They would like to better understand the effect of fragrance on women.


Amaze us with an original, surprising, insightful and creative illustrated story about how fine fragrances from a body wash can transform a woman.

Imagine a woman who showers with a body wash that fills the room with the scent of flowers in bloom, enveloping their entire body in fine fragrance. What kind of change will they experience? How would it affect her, her mood, her behavior, her relationships with herself and with others?

Think of perfume as a powerful emotional trigger. Think about the feeling women get when they know they smell amazing.



Your stories should inspire us to think in a new way about the power of fine fragrance and its transformative effect on a woman (it can be the way she behaves, her confidence level, her sensuality, her attitude, her thoughts, her work, her love life, her spirit, her smile, her body language, her voice, her walk, etc.). Present stories that will inspire us, make us see things differently and stimulate surprising ideas.


  • #1 3,000€
  • #2 2,000€
  • #3 1,000€
  • #4 1,000€
  • #5 500€


Story with illustrations and answers to the 3 questions (Maximum 5 pages of PDF)


Your ideas must be interesting, insightful and original. Fill our minds with stories about fine fragrance and the effects it has on the ladies who possess it. Make your imagination work over time and really show us ways we can understand the transformation women go through after enveloping their bodies in fine fragrances.  



  • Entries in English please.
  • With your submission, please answer these 3 questions: How does the fragrance transform your heroine? What is different now than before? What impact will it have on her?
  • Present the transformation through photos/illustrations and explain your story in writing (no more than 500 words).


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