Amaze us with your engrossing poster for, a dating website made for and targeted at married women.

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2015年04月09日(木) 23時59分00秒 +0000 UTC

Tip on contest!

15/03/24 16:14

We hope you are enjoying finding new ways to make passers-by smile when seeing Gleeden's ads in the streets. 
By the way, do not forget that would like to change its communication pattern, which is why they need you today! 

Therefore, in order to make something very innovative and breakthrough, do not use the same codes as in their previous communication. Loose the purple! It is not necessary and will not make your creation stand forward! 

Good luck!



Do you want to spice up your love life? is offering you the chance to have a secret little foray into infidelity. is your secret garden, and an ideal setting. On you are free to meet other married men and women who understand where you’re coming from. No more hiding out on websites made for singles!

Married people can be open about their relationship status, and look for lovers all over the world, in a safe and secure environment. is the number one dating platform for married people in Europe, with more than 2.5 million registered members all over the world. It works also on mobile devices thanks to a discreet and safe app.

Lovers all over the world are waiting to meet you! An adventure in an exotic location? A little rendezvous at the café down the road? The possibilities to meet other members are endless!

You don’t have to be married to join but you do need to be aware that the people you will meet are likely to be married, or in a relationship.

The website is made by women, for women. While access to a personal profile is free for them, men have to spend credits to interact with them. For example, one discussion with a woman is four credits.

In France has been using a billboard campaign based on word play to communicate with customers.


“Being faithful to two men means being twice as faithful”

The campaign was a success but they are now looking into finding new ways to bring to life what Gleeden offers to women and men in search of an affair. wants to defuse the topic of infidelity - especially women’s infidelity - in a subtle and light-hearted way.


Stop passers-by in their tracks by creating a print ad for, the website and mobile app that makes infidelity for married people easy, simple and secure.

Your print needs to convey the message that, on Gleeden, married people looking for an affair can do so in a much easier and more secure way than in the office or in a bar.

Please also convey the idea that is a premium and feminine brand that understands women and what matters to them.

Your entry must include a visual, some text (a tagline- and if you want, a short paragraph of text)

Please answer the mandatory questions adding a second page to your media: 

  1. What is your creative concept?
  2. Where does your inspiration come from?
  3. Why do you think your entry will have an impact on people and make them smile? 



Your poster needs to talk to women. If you’re a man, putting yourself in their shoes will help you make a good poster.

Ask yourself: why do you think women seek out extra-marital fun after several years?

Are they unsure? Why? What could reassure them?

One good idea for this contest could be to promote the fact that, by being unfaithful to her husband, a married woman can actually make her marriage last longer. Turning this into a nice visual could work to communicate what we want. It’s just the germ of a good idea… of something unexpected and fun.

A bad idea would be something that targets men, such as: your wife does not look good anymore, go to Gleeden to find a new lover.

Another bad idea would be to show that on Gleeden women can meet a lot of hot guys. It does not make use of Gleeden’s unique selling point which is that it’s for married people.


  • #1 3,000€
  • #2 1,500€
  • #3 500€


Print ads: visual and text (1 page PDF for poster + 2nd page for description)


The ideal poster will be unexpected and very original. It will be something that we’ve not seen before, simply because itself is far from ordinary.

The jury will reward entries that have an impact on the audience, that will surprise them, or make them laugh or smile.



  • does not target couples. It’s for married individuals.
  • Visit the website if you’d like to know more.
  • The print ad must target women.
  • Avoid featuring kids in the posters.
  • Don’t be negative in the tone of voice you use.
  • You can download the logo and the brand icon, the apple, from the toolkit.
  • You can change the logo to fit your idea.
  • Entries must be in English or in French.


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